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Right now, at the moment in my tank, i have just water, a decoration from the other tank, 2 small live plants, and a zebra daino(2). Please let me know what i should do.
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Okay at the moment, ive got 2 live plants, 2 zebra danios and a decoration from a old tank, let me know what i should do.
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Zebra danios are good fish to cycle a tank. They will add the ammonia and the bacteria will establish themselves to handle it over the next few weeks. You should get a good test kit if you haven't already, one that measures ammonia, nitrite and nitrate; API make a very good one recommended by many on this forum, and it also includes pH which will be important later on. Test the ammonia daily. Once it starts to fall after it spikes, test for nitrite daily as well. I explained in my earlier post how this works and the time issue.

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The aquarist is one who must learn the ways of the biologist, the chemist, and the veterinarian. [unknown source]

Something we all need to remember: The fish you've acquired was quite happy not being owned by you, minding its own business. If you’re going to take it under your wing then you’re responsible for it. Every aspect of its life is under your control, from water quality and temperature to swimming space. [Nathan Hill in PFK]
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Yeh i got a master test kit
tested my nitrate, nitrito and ph and amonia

all to be at 0, so at the moment everything is going fine, no problem, i put a glo fish in there from my other 10 gallon, everything seems to be going great,

im going to put up pics later on tonite of it.
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I highly recommend against using guppies to cycle. While its true that wild guppies are tough little fish the fancy guppies we see today are NOT those fish. The are incredibly inbred and not hardy at all.

If you're going to cycle with fish you're off to a good start. The large volume of water and small number of fish will help you keep the ammonia levels down and reduce the number of water changes needed. You still need to check your water daily but until the tank cycles I would not recommend adding any more fish.

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okay, i wont put anymore in there, what else should i do in the time being besides, checkin water everyday?

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Thats about all you really need to do. Now just sit back and wait.It does suck having to wait, but its gotta be done.

"Everyman dies, not every man truly lives." - William Wallace
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okay sounds good, i guess. im bored with it at the moment, i hate playing the waiting game lol whats new with you, im trying 2 think what kinda fish i should put in the 55 . not now after the cycling

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Yeah it sux. I'm working on a new stand for my current and future tank. (bout 100 bux worth of plexiglass and steel box tubing)

After that, hopefully I'll have made up my mind 100% on my nano tank I'm gonna do, so I will get that setup and have to wait for it to cycle =(

As for fish, what seems to draw your attention most? Is it a school of similar fish such as neon tetras, or maybe a few pairs of bigger fish such as a pari of gouramis (or several paris of different kinds). Or perhaps you want some fish with more "personality" such as ciclhids.

Perhaps take the time and do some research on some different fish, see which one suits your style best.

"Everyman dies, not every man truly lives." - William Wallace
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You mentioned placing a decoration from another tank into the one you are currently allowing to mature, or (cycle). Is the tank you removed the decoration from an established,cycled, tank? If so,, you could borrow some filter material from that tank and stick it in the filter of the new tank. This will help the bacteria in the new tank to develop a little faster. Borrowing a cup of gravel from the other tank (if cycled), and placing it in a section of nylon and pushing it into the substrate (gravel )of new tank will also help.
As others have said ,don't add any more fish until your new tank has matured or (cycled). I recommend dechlorinator such as PRIME or AMQUEL+ for use with new water that goes into the aquarium. Be sure and add the dechlorinator before you add the new water to the tank.
Leave the filters alone for the next month. IF and only WHEN they become clogged, you may simply swish the pads,cartridges,etc around in old aquarium water that you take out during water changes and stick em back in. Don't clean anything with tapwater unless the tapwater is treated in advance with dechlorinator. The chlorine or chloramines in tapwater will have negative effect on the beneficial bacteria thus,, always clean filter material with old tank water or dechlorinated water.
Feed the fish very sparingly, maybe feed them a tiny amount of flake food once ,every other day . Overfeeding them will cause elevated ammonia levels which are lethal to the fish and thus ,require frequent water changes to keep the ammonia at non lethal levels. by feeding sparingly ,,you will be doing both you and the fish a favor. Do get back to us about whether the other tank you mentioned is (cycled) or not.
Always add new water that is close to temp of tank water so fish are not shocked by sudden temperature change. Again,,, Don't add any more fish for now ,and don't overfeed the fish and this will be over before you know it. To do otherwise ,invites problems too numerous to mention.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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