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5-6 would be a good school size for the tiger barbs. I have 6 tiger barbs in a 20 myself. Definitely nix the pictus. Most pictus I've seen for sale in stores are already big enough to eat neons for sure. Unlike many catfish, pictus are active mid-level swimmers and are predatory, so they're not really a good choice if you're looking for bottom-level fish. Cories would be a better choice. A small species of pleco, like a bushynose or clown pleco, would also work. You need driftwood in order to keep a clown pleco healthy, though.

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Will a pet store sell ammonia that I can use for fishless cycling?
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I don't know about that, but if you can't find any you can always use fish food.
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Your neighborhood grocery store should sell it. I can get a quart at my grocery store for a buck.

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I really like cories, but from my experience they prefer a sand substrate. So if you're not willing to go that route...you might want to go the small pleco route instead.
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7.8 PH is a little high for neons (way too high if you are talking about cardinal neons). You can either go for fish that can cope with higher PH (like many cichlids and livebearers) or you can try lowering your PH by adding acidic wood and a CO2 fertilizer.
However, messing with the water specs is often not a good idea. You constantly have to monitor them and the tank will be less stable. There are plenty of fish that appreciate a high PH.
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