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aww.. how sweet the look so calm in there

5x2x2 aro,highfin bat,fei feng,ST,albino tinfoil,c.perch
4x1.5x1.5 planted tetras,harlequins,
otto,WMM,2 types of celebes rainbows,rcs,amano, bamboo,red ramhorns,MTS
3.5x2.5x2 flowerhorn,pleco
3x1.5x1.5 russel's lion,blue cleaner,sixline and leopard wrasse,maroon clown pair,green chromis,scorpion,tiger cowrie,turbo,lyretail anthias,jewel,anemone,star polyp,marbled and giant green mushi,zoa
2x1x1 nano sw shrimps
22 May 2012
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They are beautiful and sounds like normal behavior to me. I know you said you don't have a test kit but I do encourage you to get one. It will make fish keeping easier when you can do a periodic check to make sure your water parameters are stable. Also, if you do ever notice any unusual behavior in your fish (swimming at top seemingly gasping for air, laying at bottom, just not normal) you can quicker get to the bottom of the problem if you know your parameters.

You can generally get the test kits at Petco, Petsmart etc... They do have them on sale right now at Dr. Foster's and Smith. They are about $37.00 in the store and on this site Aquarium Water Testing: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Freshwater Master Test Kit they are $20.00 there is a flat fee for shipping so if there is anything else you can think of that you need and wish to order, it will only cost you the $8.99 for shipping. I usually order a few different kinds of food, magnet for cleaning glass etc... :) I have been happy with their service, which is why I mentioned them to you. I just think it is important to have a good quality test kit when keeping fish.

Also, I don't recall which water conditioner you are using but Prime is highly recommended on this site. You can use a heavier dose in case of emergency to save your fish. Just a thought.
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n__n They seem to like that plant.

I've got the Aqua One water conditioner at the moment. But I'll have a look at prime~

D= $20 is a really good price. Unfortunately they don't deliver to the UK.
I'll have a look round some other sites I guess. =/

I've got some cloudy looking algae type stuff growing on a few of my plants - should I be attempting to remove it or just leaving it be..?
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