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This is a discussion on from its prison within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> i just got back from walmart , i went for some supplys for my ten gal , i was looking at fish when i ...

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from its prison

i just got back from walmart , i went for some supplys for my ten gal , i was looking at fish when i happened to spot the bettas they have. i couldnt help myself , i went ahead and purchased a small 1 gal tank , i know its small but i just couldnt see letting one of those beautiful little creatures living in that little cup any longer. at least this way he will have a little more room. as soon as i can i will get a bigger tank for him. any help on bettas will be greatly appreciated. thanks 10 gal 4 tiger barb 1 albino cory
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Ok, I'm not too sure, but are you asking if it's ok to put the betta in the ten gallon? I'm pretty sure tiger barbs are nippy and would have your bettas fins shredded in no time. For better advice on keeping bettas I would post in the Freshwater Fish Species and Compatibility - Anabantids
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if you could afford it a bigger tank would be better,
a small filter and a heater.
for food,betta food.brine shrimp,daphania,plankton,
glass worms.
temp 75-84,if they are kept cooler they will be listless.
put a couple of easy care plants in for him.
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