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Originally Posted by Byron View Post
I would find the blue distracting.
Just say it.... it's UGLY! lol. I need to cut my light time back, I just got a new light, had it on the tank for 2 days and it has caused a nice algae growth/bloom today/suddenly.

Ammonia is down to to .50-1 ppm
Nitrites are sky high at 5.0+
Nitrates are up to between 40-80 ppm
The ph is still normal 7.5 maybe 7.4 hard to be 100%

The plants are visibly perked up with the new light too.

Just if anyone cares.
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It's not that ugly. I'm on a black substrate kick now, but I still like the blue in my 55 and 20. My Red Tailed Shark take has UGLY substrate.

Green mixed with purple or something. My wife. Sigh. Someone in chat said it looks like clown puke and they were right. I need to change it.

I think yours looks fine!

Hope you can get those water parameters under control. Must be frustrating.

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Haha, I'm not upset over it not being an ideal color, it serves its purpose.

I'm not stressing the water parameters yet, I'm ok not having fish for awhile, as long as I've got something to do. It's given me time to play with lighting (waste money), put together the auto top off that I rigged up, I just cleaned up the install a little tonight. I've moved my driftwood around to hide some of sponge filters, just messing around kinda stuff. So I'm open to some DIY projects if they aren't ridiculous.

It also gives me time to think about more plants, which types, etc. Also gives me time to think about fish if I ever get it all together. I'm not difficult to please in the fish department, just happy and alive is good.

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Well, I haven't done much to the aquarium over the past week. I've kinda let it do it's thing, filters running, lights on rotation, etc. Nothing has been added or subtracted from the tank. However I've noticed the PH has dropped and stayed down over the last 3-4 days. It's gone down to 6.6 when it's always been 7.5 or close to it around water changes.

Ammonia hasn't dropped or risen, it's still about .25-.5
Nitrites are still high at 1.0
Nitrates are high at about 40-80
The General hardness stayed the same at 4 drops or 71.6 ppm
However the KH has dropped, it only took 1 drop to turn color.

I've got a 32 gallon Rubbermaid Brute can started now to age water before it goes into the aquarium and it's been up and running for 12-16 hours and the PH in there is a whopping 7.8, same water from the same place. I soaked the can over night with water before I started using it, no cleaners. If I ever get this crap straight, I'm going to be in good shape, since I have an auto top off, which I've never had before, an aging barrel, just stuff I didn't have as a kid. Mom has kept a tank going for years growing up and to this day, she's NEVER used a test kit, just measures water temp with her hand and dumps it in the aquarium, has had great success with fish, has a kissing gourami that is pushing 6 years old I think. Me? I test, and read, ask stupid questions, and I get the most outta whack attempt at an aquarium. I keep aquariums like mom cooks....

I'm doing a large water change now, maybe tomorrow will yield some better results on the ph. Why would the KH drop suddenly? Every time I've tested it in the past, it has always been consistently 3-4 drops.
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I fee like a dummy. I have figured out where the problems were coming from.... I've isolated it to the drift wood. The drift wood that was in the tank was leeching ammonia into the water. I found another piece of driftwood that I had used before but forgot I had when I took down the tanks from before, I soaked it in a tub of water over night, changed the water, let it soak for a 2nd night. That's when I thought to test the water it was soaking in, and got 2ppm ammonia. I should have tested it before hand, but I soaked and rinsed the other pieces in buckets for several days, never thought it wasn't clean. I guess when I let the tanks sit after the previous water problems, I turned the filters off for a couple days before I took everything out and broke it down.

So my tank reads

Ammonia - 0
Nitrites - 0
Nitrates - 10
Ph 7.5 (I'm assuming, ph test shows 7.6, High ph shows 7.4)
Gh/Kh both took 4 drops to change colors or 71.6 ppm
75 degrees

My aging barrel reads

Ammonia - 0
Nitrites - 0
Nitrates - 0
ph - 7.7 to 7.8
gh/kh - same as tank.
and 78 degrees

(accidently turned the heater up too high, forgot this heater has always been 3 degrees off, so I set it for 75 and got 78, I've turned it down to 72.)

Too bad I have biennial training all next week for recert. Otherwise I've got a sponge filter (I also put a sack of Biomax from an old AquaClear filter in there) that I hope by now is seeded in an established tank. Unless you guys got something else for me to look at, in two weeks, I think I'm going to get some fish and put in the sponge filter.
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Mystery solved, great news! Glad to hear you've got it under control!
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