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Immediate cycle?

This is a discussion on Immediate cycle? within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I will be setting up my 29 gallon again soon. It was previously set up and had fully cycled but as the addiction goes, ...

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Old 03-14-2011, 03:21 PM   #1
Immediate cycle?

I will be setting up my 29 gallon again soon. It was previously set up and had fully cycled but as the addiction goes, I wanted bigger so I got a 55. Since I had to remove the 29 gallon I had the fully cycled filter with media still running in the 55g. This filter with media plus a few of the decor from the 55 will enable the re-setup 29 to be fully cycled correct?

My intention is go planted with it. Coupled with the fully cycled question would I be able to do this immediately or no?
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Old 03-14-2011, 04:03 PM   #2
Yes and no.... it depends on current stock of 55, and what stock you start with in the 29. It will cycle the tank, but not enough for full stocking IMO. You can only remove 1/3 of the media from the 55 without risking a mini cycle in that tank. You add that media to the 29 it can immediately support 1/3 the bioload of the 55 without also minicycling. A lot of factors are involved and you must accurately estimate bioload or you can end up with a mini cycle. Once you start the 29 this way you must then finish using normal stocking procedures. Add first stock, wait 2 weeks, increase bioload by 1/3, wait 2 weeks, and repeat until fully stocked. You should also let the 55 sit 2 weeks before messing with it.

Moving decor will have no real effect on either tank.
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Old 03-14-2011, 06:49 PM   #3
So......I have the filter/media from the 29 gallon up and running on the 55 as well as media from the 10 gallon that I just tore down, and the 55 gallon filter running, all of this on the 55 gallon as it sits fully cycled. Would moving the 29 gallon filter and its media qualify as 1/3rd since there is fully populated mediax2 in the 55 still? I am going to put some neons in it for now until I know its safe. Then I will follow correct procedures.
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yeah as long as the 29's filter isn't more then 1/3 of the media on the 55. You could probably start with around 10 neons, they need to be added to the tank within 24 hr of moving the filter or the bacteria is gonna start starving. Often when I am starting a tank this way I setup the tank and everything, then add the fish before adding cycled media.
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Old 03-14-2011, 07:20 PM   #5
I have several neons that I am adding and will do so now....thanks for all your help.
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GREAT INFO!! I think I had to read it twice to understand it fully, but it makes total sense.... I think... lol. I better go read it again! I didn't know that you can make a change of 1/3 without affecting the bio load hopefully. Thx.
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Old 03-15-2011, 01:09 PM   #7
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Mikaila is correct to go slow. Until you are experienced with this matter, caution is wise. Jackiebabie, I'll expand on it a bit for you.

Two weeks ago I set up 3 new tanks with no discernible "cycling." In all 3 I had new substrate (in one it was old but I thoroughly washed it in hot tap water) and new/thoroughly washed filter media. I set up a new 29g from scratch, moved the wood, plants and fish from the existing 33g the same morning. Next day I completely tore down my then-existing 70g [moved the fish, plants and wood to the now-empty and cleaned 33g], new substrate/media, moved wood and plants from the existing 90g to the 70g and then all the fish (around 70). A day later, the old 90g was torn down, substrate and filter media thoroughly washed under the tap. Moved the wood and some plants from the temp 33g, then the fish. In all cases, ammonia and nitrite were undetectable.

Nitrifying bacteria colonize all hard surfaces covered by water. In most aquaria, especially with plants, there is far more bacteria in the aquarium (on plant leaves, wood, rock, substrate, walls) than in the filter media. Then there is the effect of live plants; they assimilate copious amounts of ammonium from ammonia. You can even set up a brand new tank using no existing stuff and add fish immediately--provided there are sufficient plants for the fish added. There will be no "cycle" to speak of--or more accurately, the fish will not be subjected to levels of ammonia or nitrite that are at all harmful.

But until you are experienced and comfortable doing something like this, take it slow. Remember to have some fish in the "new" tank when you move over wood, rock, filter media, etc, since the bacteria need "food" and if there are no fish there will be insufficient ammonia to sustain the bacteria, and then nitrite the same. Both types of bacteria exist at the level needed to handle the available ammonia/nitrite. If this level increases, the bacteria increase by multiplying through binary division; if the level decreases, the bacteria die off accordingly.

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deman3 (03-15-2011)
Old 03-18-2011, 06:17 PM   #8
I have added an Aquaclear 50 to the 55 which still had an Aquaclear 70 on it already. So plenty of filtration on the 55 gallon tank again. Thanks for all the help.
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