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I'm back!!!

This is a discussion on I'm back!!! within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Hey All, It seems I've taken a hiatus from the fish world....I had a problem with my tank for a while...it got away from ...

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Old 01-01-2010, 12:39 PM   #1
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I'm back!!!

Hey All,

It seems I've taken a hiatus from the fish world....I had a problem with my tank for a while...it got away from me for a few weeks...lost some fish and i'm down to only a couple....I'm ready to get back in the saddle and just wanted to say I missed you guys/gals!!!!

I got a nice gift card to my LFS for christmas and i'm looking to rebuild my tank...hre's what I'm left with....

55 Gallon Tank:
4 Serpae Tetras
6 Black Neon Tetras
3 "congo"?? fish
3 black skirt tetras...

I've been looking at getting some barbs...i want some fish that will grow, colorful wouldn't hurt too.......i use to have some tin-foil barbs....I loved them.....

also wanna get a shark too!

any ideas are welcomed!!!

**I just read that and it looks like a total newbie post, haha i've been gone way too long**

Thanks Y'all!

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Welcome back and Happy New Year.

Have you thought about green tiger barbs? I have 4 in my 45 gal. (John, Paul, George & Ringo) and they are gorgeous and playful. They don't bug any of the other fish (I have 4 serpae tetras as well). Don't tell my other buddies in the tank but they're my favorite fish.
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Old 01-01-2010, 01:09 PM   #3
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Hello & welcome back - Sorry to hear you had tank-headaches there for a while

Based of the current stock am I assuming correctly that you have soft acidic water there?

I'd honestly not recommend mixing barb's & Tetra's, Barb's are much more active and/ or agressive and that with senstive Tetra's is not a good mix....So I'd pers go one way OR the other and I'd more then likely make this decision based off you water.

Here's what I'd do where this my tank
Add 4 more Serpae and add 3 more black skirts
Not sure exactly what "congo" you have...maybe a Phenacogrammus interruptus aka Congo Tetra, could you googel these pictures and see if that's what you got? Don't wanna wind up making suggestions on the wrong fish here

Do your homework on the shark matter first, many of them you'd commonly find at the stores will outgrow your 55g quick and are also aggressive enough to snack down your Tetra and I'm not sure that's what you'd wanna see there.
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Old 01-01-2010, 01:44 PM   #4
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I would caution on the serpae tetras. If they are the true serpae, they have a deserved reputation as a fin nipper especially of slower fish, and I would expect Congo tetras [if that is the "congo" fish you have] to be a target. And this trait is worse when the serpae are in shoals less than 8 or more, as this tends to restrict the nipping to themselves as they establish clear pecking orders. So before adding more of these, I would consider this carefully; there are several other tetras similar in appearance and colouration that are very peaceful.

The true serpae tetra has certainly gone through taxonomic revisions, having been in five different genera and is now within Hyphessobrycon. Near-identical fish deemed to be distinct species were known as Hyphessobrycon serpae and H. callistus and these have now been reclassified to junior synonym status. Which is why I said at the top that one has to be sure this is the true serpae tetra, and not one of the similar-looking Hyphessobrycon fish. The name may well change again, as the entire Hyphessobrycon and Hemigrammus genera are under review; the fish in these two genera are biologically identical except the caudal fin (tail) is scaled in the Hemmigrammus species but not Hyphessobrycon. However, this characteristic is now known to occur in intermediate conditions so it is no longer totally accurate. There are more than 200 known species that have been classified within these two genera.

On a related note, any characin (tetra) you have should preferably be in shoals of no less than 6 or 7, and a few more if space permits. This should be figured in when deciding on new fish, as it is preferable to have happy and therefore healthier fish if fewer species.

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Old 01-01-2010, 03:18 PM   #5
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ZThanks for all the help guys!!! I'm going to try and google to see what "congo" fish I have....


thats the congo fish that I have...

so would you advise keeping with the tetra theme?? I'm aware of the shoal rule of 6...i was going to add more the black skirts and maybe get another shoal of neons, preferablly more black?

Thanks for the help guys!
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Yup that's the one I was guessing you had aka Phenacogrammus interruptus.
If you have the water they need, yes i'd def encourage you to built better schools then adding different fish, i'd not add another new group, if it was my tank I'd work with the stock you have and the only other thing I'd pers add is maybe some Cory's on the bottom (again assuming your water permits). The issue I'd see with stocking up what you have AND on top add another school is simply that they all live in the same tank area, I'd rather try to split that and have some fish that pref the bottom part of the tank, some in the middle (which you have plenty) and some up top.
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Old 01-01-2010, 03:47 PM   #7
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I would add another 2+ congo tetra; I had I think five of them in my 55g years ago, with dozens of other tetra and corydoras. Beautiful fish, will easily spawn (or at least go through the motions). B.
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Old 01-02-2010, 10:11 AM   #8
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nothing to add,just wanted to say Hi.
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Originally Posted by willow View Post
nothing to add,just wanted to say Hi.
Me too! Glad to see you're back.

PS. Did the wife give you the gift cert?? Just curious. She & I had a little PM'ing going on prior to the holidays. She seems like a great gal!
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Old 01-03-2010, 02:40 PM   #10
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No, her father did......I'm still up in the air with what I wanna do....I like the idea of having a bunch of neon shoals with 4 or 5 congos....maybe adding some more plants...i took out the 'ice rocks' and re-landscaped a little bit....she was PM'ing you?? haha what a sneak!!!!!

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