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I can say I was always wondering what all the fuss was about washing sand so much, well I figured it out. I have nothing but sand tanks but I've always bought play sand at lowes quick rinse into the tank it goes, well I needed sand and was at home depot there play sand sucks, after washing it for an hour it's still cloudy it has gravel chucks and a swear clay crap. It's the worst sand I've ever seen, the play sand at lowes is the same price $3 a bag. I wouldn't even want my kids playing in the crap from home depot. Never again I'll stick with lowes.
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I ended up getting my sand at Wal-mart, took a bit of rinsing and did a couple of water changes once the sand was in the tank, but cleaned up rather well. The method that I did decide to go with when I did clean my sand was I used 2 gallon buckets filled them about halfway with sand and ran the hose from my water changer into the buckets that were sitting in the bathtub. Once the sand was rinsed I placed the sand into a never used storage tote. I had cleaned the sand the night before I did the change over on the substrate.
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if you gonna buy play sand, look for pre washed play sand.. you still need to rinse it, but it is not near as nasty
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Washing sand indoors, one should consider that this is very good way to clog sink trap's, plumbing.
Speaking from past expierience.(landlord was not amused)

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Originally Posted by BarbH View Post
Over that past couple of months I have been thinking about doing a sand substrate in my 50 gallon. I have been thinking about doing playsand because of it's affordability. The one thing I would have to figure out is what would be the best way for me to clean the sand before placing it in the tank. I live in an apartment, so cleaning the sand outside with a garden hose, or using a utlility tub are not options. The most convenient way that I can think of is in the bath tub. Any ideas of the best way carrying this out? I do have a python type water changer system, that I could use to run to the tub. I think I remember once reading about someone placing the sand in a pillow case and than placing it in the shower to clean the sand, any thoughts of how well that might work?


I'd be careful about cleaning playsand in a bathroom tub for that many gallons. I'm wondering if the others who posted, saying they cleaned the sand only a handful of time in a bucket, were cleaning playsand. I agree with others, it's very dirty, and you will be putting lots of dirt/silt down the drain. It will also take a long time. That is my experience. Perhaps I over cleaned, because when I read on this site how to do it, it said to wash, and wash and wash again. My results were very good, but wow, lots and lots of water and very tiring. I'm soon going to clean a small amount to add to my tank that already has playsand in it, but I can't imagine cleaning sand for a 55 gal tank. I have a washtub to clean in, but I do remember Byron posting that you should not clean in a kitchen sink, and that may be because you will clog your sink. Hope you have success, no matter what you choose!


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Concur - sand will clog a drain. I'm currently washing sand for a 40 gallon. I'm doing a 2 gallon bucket full each time (dumping the 2-gallon bucket of sand into a 5 gallon to rinse). I then jet vigorously with the garden hose, let "settle" for about 10-15 seconds, pour off the silt and repeat about 5 more times per bucket! One trick to save a little water and back-ache is that you don't have to completely fill the 5-gallon rinse bucket with water, just a few inches of water over the top of the sand is enough to suspend the lighter stuff. I can't imagine trying to do it indoors, it would be difficult.

I then dump the wet sand into a plastic container and work on the next bunch. It's taking a while... One bag done, working on the second. +1 on using the pre-washed sand form Lowes, good stuff.
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honestly i did 100 lbs in less than an hour. fill bucket with 1/3 to 1/2 of sand fill with water, swirl till all the sand is suspended in the water let settle pour off excess i did about 2 rinses per bucket.

it was not that cloudy when i put the water and it in the aquarium as i let the tank fill by the water pouring in a bowl to disappate some of the force of the water, so my sand didnt get swirled in the tank by the water current.
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It's taking me a while, but not due to the actual rinsing work involved, my back muscles have some issues anyway and every time I go out to wash sand, I end up playing fetch with my two dogs instead of getting all the sand washed. The actual rising does go pretty quickly and I am probably over-rinsing, but I hate waiting for a cloudy tank to clear since I have to break down a 29g tank and replace it (including moving all the fish) with my new 40g in the same day.
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I confirmed today quickcrete play sand from lowes, is the prewashed kind, it makes a huge difference.
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I did the playsand for my 55 the same way - in 5 gallon didn't take that long. I wouldn't do it in doors though!
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