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I think it's 5 gallon for the first and 3 gallon for each one after with a 1 male to 2 female ratio. So in a 10 gallon with plenty of filtration 3 (1M/2F) should work. I'm not sure about tankmates. I hear some say that Ottos & shrimp work and other say nothing. I think after mine is set up for a while I'll try shrimp just for something different. If things don't work out then he/she will have had a treat.
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BADIS BADIS! I agree with batman on that. If I didn't have dwarf puffers, that's what I'd be getting!

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Well how many Blue Perch (badis badis) could I have in a 10G?

And since the 5G rule for puffers is to cut down on agression...
could I have 1 or 1m/1F in a 5G if it was Heavily planted?
(unfiltered 5G...)
I know puffers produce waste, but wouldn't that just be more for the plants?
esp since it'll have an emersed sword (E. Bleheri) in it...

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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I would just do a pair of Badis badis in a 10g. They can be pretty territorial. My male is a bit of a jerk and prescribes to the "tough love" school of relationships, haha. So plenty of hiding spaces are needed so the female can get away. Unlike, say, kribs, they don't spend all of their time together. I'm pretty sure they eat small snails but not bigger ones; I've got some gigantic pond snails in the tank that are constantly laying eggs but I never see any of the young snails so I assume they're getting eaten. They'll eat just about any live food - small shrimp, worms, small fish, you name it. I also feed mine frozen food (bloodworms, brine shrimp, chopped krill, mysis, etc.). Really interesting little guys.

Dwarf puffers are cool fish, too. Definitely worth getting if you can't get your hands on the badis.

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