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I've just done my first Eheim 2213 maintenance and...

...it certainly wasn't smoothe.

I rinsed all of the media (in its place) in the kitchen sink with tank water (NOT TAP!) and a bunch of gunk and crap went down the sink so that was nice. However the directions on cleaning the impeller were so vague that I just skipped it.

My biggest issue was that when I reconnected everything and the filter filled up and I plugged it back in, all of this crap (looks like food flakes but all ivory colored) poured out of the return and my tank looked like a snowglobe of old flake food.

I stared in awe not knowing if this was somehow normal or wondering if I just poisoned all of my fish. It all settled eventually and I did a vacuum and 50% water change and everything is clearing up. Anybody know what all that crap was?

I did this maintenance after only 2 months because the return pressure had lessened considerabley and I was getting harldy any surface stir from the return. It has improved a little after the cleaning but not much - certainly not what it was when it was new. Might that be because I couldn't figure out how to clean the impeller?

Any of this sound familiar to anyone?


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Two months is WAY to long to go between cleanings. No wonder all that gunk came out. Did you replace any off the mechanical media? That should be replaced. What are you using for bio-media? You should purpetualy replace the biomedia(a little at a time) I would clean the filter once a week by rinseing the mechanical media. Twice a month i would replace the mechanical media. I would clean the impeler once a month also. Are you using a chemical media? If so carbon should be replaced every two weeks. You said you were having trouble cleaning the impeler but im not very familiar with the eheim canister filters so i cant help you there. But i would asume the impeler or impeler housing would just pop rite out and you give it a good cleaning. Maybe you could use a filter sock over the output to trap all that stuff that came out?
I know im usualy not in the freshwater threads but this one caught my eye.
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Hmmmmm... None of that is at all consistent with Eheim or my LFS or others on this board before I bought it. Thanks for checking in though.

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It sounds like you neglected to backflush. The way to do this is to take down the filter, direct the lower hose into a bucket, turn on both taps and let the water drain into the bucket. I then pour the water through a big strainer into another bucket before aiming the bottom hose into the sink and pouring the filter water back in the top. This will backflush the filter so the water that comes out into the sink ought to be really blecchy.

In any case, I have a 2217 that's been running in a turtle tank since, heck, must have been late February or early March. I just gave it it's first cleaning. Come September I'll rinse the mech filtration and replace half the bio filtration (and boil what I replace in bleach water and set aside until next March when I replace the second half of the biofilter.)

There's a great tutorial on care and feeding of eheim classic filters on rexgrigg.com in the equipment section.

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