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what about turning the tank around,if at all possible ?
and just have tall plants at the back to hide it,
if you are unable to remove the stane.
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Originally Posted by fish_4_all
Try using baking soda and ammonia in a thick pasty mix with some sort of scrubber. It works to remove lime scale and even odors in sinks and when i used it the chrome was even polished without scrubbing.
If I scrubbed it with a scrubber, it'd scratch. It's a glass tank btw.
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The only other thing i can think of is the glass has been heat heated with a blowtorch and the glass has been tempered which could be a very bad thing but I really doubt it.

As for a scubber, with the baking soda and vinegar you could use a sponge.

Other than that I am at a loss. I have never had anything on glass withstand a good scraping with a paint scraper razor blade, not even oils.
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I tried using a razor blade, and actually, it looks like there was something taped onto the tank. Maybe a background? Anyway, it was sticky when I moved the blade across the more heavily effected areas. What do you suggest to remove stickiness cause by tape?
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Duct Tape! the absolute best sticky remover out there! Take about 6 inches of it, make a loop and use your hand to push it against the sticky areas and peel it back. If that doesn't take it off then just be pateint and use the razor blade and eventually it will all come off.
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Would duct tape work on any adhesive?
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I have used it to removed most tape adhesives, that blue putty for posters, stuck on old Duct Tape, the adhesive that stores use for the labels on pots and pans, super glue on linoleum, hot glue on counters, and many other things. Can't hurt to try.
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Ugh, I don't think all of it is an adhesive. I can't remove anything! A lot of the stuff probably are chemicals.
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try goo gone maybe that might work
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API makes a product that is aquarium safe. I can't remember the name of it though. Also there is a product called Goo Gone that may help. It is very aromatic and you may want to turn off the air to your tank when using it as I don't know how it would affect the inhabitants of your tank.
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