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I think I killed her babies...

I've had 5 cichlids for about 6 months now.. everything is cool. Then the other day, I noticed one of them was no longer eating. I looked at it very closely and it looked like it had rocks in it's mouth. Not wanting to lose the little guy (so I thought), I took him out & gave him a few light squeezes when about 8 or 9 little 'rocks' came out. But then, the more I looked at them, the more I thought it wasn't rocks but instead eggs.

The I read that some cichlids are mouthbrooders. The cichlid in question is an electric yellow...

I'm pretty sure they were eggs, but was hoping someone experienced this & could confirm if this was more than likely the case. The eggs/rocks, were about the size of the spots on the lower dorsal/tail fin.
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Yes, the electric yellows are mouth brooders. Yours was a female holding the eggs in her mouth.

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I KNEW IT!!! Man, I feel bad now.

So next time what should I do? I understand they hold them for 2-3 wks. Should I isolate her from the others? Otherwise, I'm confident the other 4 will eat the babies before I realize they have hatched.
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a slight squeeze... are you a doctor?
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Originally Posted by KSASTER2 View Post
a slight squeeze... are you a doctor?
I'm pretty sure someone around here it was suggested to try to squeeze them gently if you thought it looked like a rock or gravel was stuck in the fishes mouth.

I don't know if I would be able to even pick a fish up to try it, but I'm almost positive I've seen that somewhere around here.
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I somehow doubt that someone on this forum sugested squeezing fish for any reason.
Perhaps someone was joking? Maybe you read something about squeezing the belly to remove the eggs?(a practice used in fish farms that want more productivity from the fish so they squeeze the belly of the fish and gather the eggs to artificially care for them thus boosting the chance to get more fish from the eggs).
In any case what you did can not only kill the babies but also the mother.
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