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I'd say that would overstock your tank a bit (although your filtration is great). Mostly the thing I'm worried about is the pair of Ram's. I know you'll read that they are peaceful fish, but that's relative to cichlids. While one of them may work just fine (it won't breed by itself), the pair will likely take over the entire tank when they spawn, and attack anything that comes near their fry.

I'd scrap the rams (for the safety of your other fish) and add a top dweller like honey gourami. Other gourami will work too, but most of them are territorial to each other, so you can only keep one. The honey's are docile enough to keep 2 or even 3. If you do decide to keep the Ram's, you should only add one, and be prepared to rehome him if it doesn't work out.
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Awww, ok maybe not the Rams then, I wanted a very peaceful community! Before the Rams, someone suggested getting a Pearl Gourami and that's what I was planning to do as I think they're stunning. I changed my mind because if I were to choose them, then I wouldn't want to keep just one on it's own, I'd want a pair (or 2 males/2 females, not sure if they'd fight?). Is a pair of Pearl Gouramis too much do you think? I didn't ask before because it didn't take long for me to fall in love with the Rams and decided to go with them instead!!

Man...all these beautiful fish, all the possibilities, it's so overwhelming. But oh so fun too!

P.S. I forgot to ask, do any of the fish I would like to keep need a slow water current? Gouramis seem quite delicate and I don't know if they'd like the spray bar return from my filter. There is a little lever thing to make the current less strong if needed but at the moment my Neons are absolutely loving the flow!
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I've been thinking, if the Gouramis wouldn't work then do you think another school of different Tetras would be ok? There's so many Tetras I like and I'm really enjoying watching my Neons, it would be great to have another schooling fish.

Sorry for so many questions, I just can't decide between all the lovely fish and I'm not sure what would be suitable for my tank.
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The rams will definitely become "aggressive" if you get a pair and they begin to breed. There's a difference between aggressive and predatory, however. The rams will simply want to keep the other fish away from their eggs and fry. In a small, crowded aquarium this can lead to deaths as the rams try to keep away fish that have nowhere to go. However, I really think your aquarium is big enough to handle the problem. As long as you provide sufficient hiding spaces at opposite ends of the tank, your other tank inhabitants should be able to find shelter from breeding rams. Not to mention that the cories are armored fish. Mine aren't too bright and venture too close to my breeding kribensis on occassion, but don't seem at all bothered by the kribs' attempts to keep them away. Neons can easily dart away from rams and shouldn't get hurt.

Gouramis are another option for sure, but they can be territorial amongst themselves. Also, I find gouramis to be pretty lazy fish. They mostly just hang about or drift around slowly in the aquarium. They definitely won't exhibit the interesting behaviors that a pair of rams will.

To summarize, the aggression of the rams is definitely a risk factor but provided the right environment and coinhabitants, you should be able to avoid any serious problems.

(Note: I wouldn't recommend mixing the gouramis with the rams. I have dwarf gouramis with my kribs, and sometimes when they venture too close to the kribensis fry and the krib parents try to chase them off, the gouramis mistakenly believe they can hold their own and refuse to swim off peacefully.)
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Hmmm...maybe I will try the Rams then, I love what I've read about them, they sound like real characters! I'll ask at the store whether they'd take them back if I have major problems. Or I have a 10 gallon bowfront I could put them in (if that's big enough). My main tank is planted as well as having quite a few artificial hidy-holes and the bogwood I have has a great little cave in it. I was going to make another cave and/or add a plant pot too. There should be plenty of places to hide if any of the fish need or want to.

If I decide against the Rams, or if I have trouble and need to remove them, would another species of Tetra be any good?

I really appreciate your help, thank you.
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A half dozen or 8 black neons, lemons, or glowlights would go nicely with that set up. Black neons or glowlights for the color contrast, Lemons for the shape.

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Thank you tophat665, you just so happened to suggest 3 of my favourite Tetras! I haven't definitely decided yet but I think I'll go for another shoal of Tetras and leave the Rams for now. I would still like to keep them one day though. I have plans for a much bigger tank when we get a bigger place (as I'm sure most people have!), and I could work the tank around them. I was also thinking that with the Rams, I would have quite a few fish that would be staying near the bottom of the tank and only the Neons that would be swimming elsewhere.

Thanks so much for everyone's help, I reckon my tank's going to look great! :D
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