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Originally Posted by casssch View Post
It looks like my budget will allow me to get that test kit now, I was thinking it'd be way more expensive! I need to order algae wafers for the bristle nose anyway. I wasn't aware until finding this site s/he needed/would like them. The poor thing is probably starving. I'm not sure where to get more/different plants. The new fish I believe is a red velvet swordtail. I'm feeling stupid not being involved in this from the beginning.
Hey, you're getting involved to get things going right... could be worse.

For the pleco, I think that you could blanch some zuchini or other veggies. I think that they would go for that while you wait for your wafers. They should have driftwood to chew on too... I'm not certain exactly why but it is recommended.

Swordtail. What is it with livebearers? Nice coloured fish and all but the hassle of livebearers constantly reproducing... just not my thing I guess. So many times a new tank has livebearers as if it is the standby fish of choice by sellers.


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I think, if I get this right, these should be a couple pictures of the fish I have. I'm sorry if they're huge.
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File Type: jpg 2013-03-04_13-30-04_819.jpg (48.0 KB, 27 views)
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It looks like we'll for sure be losing one of the yellow fish, and likely the other 3 as well, if I were to make a guess. I'm not sure on the other 2, they're pretty lethargic. The bristle nose is still hiding so I'm not sure how he's doing. :(
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They almost look like Albino Tigerbarbs...? Not sure though.
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Cass, welcome to the world of fishkeeping! We have almost all been in your shoes, so dont feel bad. You are learning and trying to fix what may have went wrong. The good thing i can see is that you have a heater. And you care. You cant go wrong there. Just keep at it amd eventually your fish will have a lovely home :)
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jentralala - I think they are the genetically modified albino tiger barbs. We did lose one of them. :(
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check walmart.com for a competively priced liquid test kit, around 20$ or so think its cheaper.
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The API Liquid Test kit is $20 on Amazon and it's what most of us use. Or if you need more supplies check out Drs. Foster and Smith, I LOVE them. (I sound like a salesperson, sorry!) Really good prices for the most part as well. I just have a thing about buying all my stuff at the same place, lol.
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I ordered it from Amazon today - it should be here Friday.
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My testing kit came a day early, yay! Ph is 8.2, ammonia and nitrites are both at .5, nitrates are 0. So far we've lost 2 of the globarbs, and I have doubts on a 3rd one surviving. The fourth one I believe will survive. The other two fish have good and bad hours, so I'm hoping they'll pull through. I'm also not sure how the pleco is doing as he is hiding the majority of the time. I did put an algae wafer in for him last night and it looks like he might have ate half.
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