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i need ideas!

ok so my tank is a 29 gallon. 6 kuhli loaches are the only inhabitants. im trying to grow some dwarf hairgrass, microswords, a few amazon swords and some java moss in the tank. i use a liquid fert. And root tabs on the amazon swords. not seeing all that much growth but ive got a little algae on the glass and i dont really like that.

so heres where i need to pick your brains.
my current plans include 6 more kuhlis. a trio of swordtails. so what would make a good algae eater to add.

i think otos are cool and little but you need to add those in a group right? how big is acceptable?

i love the looks of plecos but a common one isnt gonna last long in a 29g. ive seen some others though like zebra plecos that i really really like but saw also they dont eat algae which would do me no good.

im not a fan of the chinese/siamese algae eaters even though i hear they do a great job just not what i want.
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Have you thought about a bristle nose, I think they are cute! They get to be about 5 inches when mature and they do a fantastic job.
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Siamese algae eaters are a good thing. Chinese algae eaters are not. They'll get pretty big (although not too big for a 29g) but they eventually stop eating algae and can get pretty aggressive.

A bristlenose will work well in a 29g, but I can't personally vouch for their algae-eating abilities.

An underrated algae eater that would also fit in your tank would be a clown pleco. You might not see him much but mine has always done a pretty good job of eating my algae. For a clown pleco to stay healthy, they need a nice hunk of driftwood to gnaw on.

I've also heard a lot of good things about farlowella catfish (or whiptail cats). They also need wood in their diets and can be difficult to keep.

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cool i checked into the bristlenose and it seems like a decent choice.

i also checked into the clown too. i really like its coloration and i have driftwood in my tank so thats not a problem. but some places said they dont eat algae as much while some people have had good luck with them. i also read it can be territorial, like in its favorite hiding spot. i would think my kuhlis would invade that a lot as they still hide and no nook or cranny is safe from them. they find holes in stuff that id never noticed til i see their heads or tails sticking out. do you think the kuhlis just learn to stay away from him?

also i still like the otos too. hopefully someone here who keeps them will post. thanks for your ideas guys. both of them are definitely good candidates.
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I have four otos remaining out of six I aquired over a year ago. They require significant algae to survive long term and also appreciate cucumber, zuchinni, and romain lettuce a couple times a week. They seldom damage live plants but will eat dead or dying leaves. They would probably work for you assuming you can provide the afore mentioned foods. They spend very little time on the bottom and prefer the sides of the aquarium and they work over everything in their search for algae. Were it me I would try and get a group of at least four six would be better and I would try and select some that had been in the dealers tank for a minimum of two weeks. Many of them arrive at fish stores starving and stressed and the further stress of acclimation to your tank usually takes a toll on them. Try and work out a deal with LFS to hold them for you for the two weeks if you can. Once in your tank I would refrain from cleaning the glass too well especially the back glass or they could suffer. GOOD LUCK! :D

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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cool, hmm what do you consider significant for algae. like always visible clusters on the glass or ornaments ? i wont minding feeding them veggies but im trying to get plants to grow and if it works out im not sure how much algae id really have. i wouldnt want otos to be unhealthy if they run out of algae. if the algae is all eaten would algae discs suffice? along with a compliment of various veggies? and do you blanch all of those?

also the dealer i normally go to always has otos but ive seen some come in very very small and i worry about them. last time though they had some that were around half an inch or so that looked very healthy.

oh yeah and i also looked up the whip tail cat those things leak lethal lol. they are pretty neat but i know ive never seen them at any of my lfs. ill have to stop in the one i really like and see if he can get them. im still really up in the air about this. i think id like the clown the most but i dont want it if he is going to chase the kuhlis out when he finds a new hiding place.
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Oto's or at least the ones I have had don't really seem to appreciate the algae wafers. Lettuce, (romain) doesn't need to be blanched. Oto's in my view really do better in mature tanks as opposed to new tanks. As mentioned they need algae to survive, Live plants are also good . The farlowella or whiptail might be a better choice. I had one for two years they will accept algae wafers but they too need algae and some wood to rasp on . One specimen would not need the amount of algae that four or five oto's do. I have two clown plecos that do very well with all of my fish. They require wood for it is a substantial part of their diet. They also appreciate the vegetables mentioned and will accept algae wafers. In fact as you may have noticed ,many fish like the algae wafers so it would prolly be best to put them in the tank after lights out so that other fish don't consume them before clown plecos go out on patrol. The clown pleco I feel I should mention is for the most part nocturnal and are seldom seen during the day. If you were to get one that was not too small then I have no doubt that It could hold it's favorite resting place against the loaches you mentioned. It would in my view be best to provide many such places. Hope some of this helps. :)

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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i was actually more concerned with the clown bullying the loaches out of their hiding spots. but ive got more slate i can make another cave with.. ill get a pic of my tank up someday i swear it lol. i have lots of hiding places, some live plants. and two pieces of driftwood. i think im leaning toward a clown pleco because im just really afraid that if/when i get co2 going in my tank for my plants that the otos wouldnt have enough algae at all.
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