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Not right away.
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Originally Posted by The_New_Guy
Does this mean i could technicaly fit 25 in my small tank?
Not in your tank. I will never attempt this for start in fishkeeping.
Not to ask too many questions, but... Is a water testing kit (for eveything) worth it, or are occasional visits to the pet store (they offer on site testing) sufficient?
Your own test kit is better than the lfs who will not tell you the exact figures. They'll just give you responses like 'They're fine.'. If this is the case, then you don't know what exactly is happening.

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IMO i would buy my own testing kit, a liquid regant one. The api freshwater master test kits are best since each one gives around 150 tests per tesing thing (like 150 ammonia, 150 nitrite etc)
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I would also go with the home testing kit since the lfs indeed only tells you things like "everything looks ok" "or <blank> is a little high" which isnt very helpful. I also use the API master test kit as well as other test kits for general hardness, alkalinity, and wide range pH. May be picking up another kit as well that handles CO2, iron, copper, etc
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ok well just because you can put more cichlids in your tank doesnt mean you want 20 of them in there. Its to much. Plus you will need to have excellent filtration to pull it off. Yellow labs can grow to like 5 inches, so imagine 20 5 inch fish in your tank and imagine how small it will be and all the work you will have to do to keep a clean healthy tank. If you are just starting off go slow, get like 3 to 5 small ones. You have to think that yeah you can overstock cichlids but not by much, and you will have to keep the water qualiyt good in the process.
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