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I need help...

I'm not a beginner when it comes to tanks but I definitely don't know a lot either. I set up my old 20 long a few weeks ago just to give myself something constructive to do. Before setting it up I had cleaned it out and wiped it down inside and out. I've been wanting to do a nice planted tank with some nutrient rich substrate for a while now so I that's what I decided to do.

After a few days and multiple water changes to get the water clear from the fluorite I used I stocked the tank with the plants. I used micro swords, red ludwigia, an amazon sword, and an anubias nana. A week later I stocked it with a pair of Gold Sailfin Mollies, then after another week (on saturday) I also put in 8 Neon Tetras and 2 Otocinclus.

This morning when I woke up I checked on the tank to notice that my male sailfin wasn't swimming around like normal. He was laying on his side in the corner breathing but not moving (he did end up dying) and one of the neons was dead stuck to the filter intake. I immediately grabbed my test kit to check my levels.

Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate 10-20
PH - 6.6
Temp 78

Any idea what may have caused these deaths? I checked for any physical signs of illness or parasites but found nothing on either fish.
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Sorry about the loss of your fish.

I'm going to ask a couple questions just to try and get some more background info.

What did you wipe the tank down with?

How old is your test kit?

How many plants do you have exactly?

How did you cycle the tank?
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What did you wipe the tank down with?
I used a clean washcloth and warm tap water.

How old is your test kit?
About 9-12 months old.

How many plants do you have exactly?
1 Amazon Sword, 1 Anubias Nana, 6 Red Ludwigia, and 6 small patches of Micro Swords

How did you cycle the tank?
I transferred a piece of driftwood with the Anubias Nana on it into the tank and also some of the filter material from that tank (placed it in the filter that is on the 20 long). The tank I transferred from has been established for 3 +years now.

Also all the water I have used in the tank has been treated with a dechlorinator before being put into the tank.
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