i just poured garlic juice into my prime is it still ok to use? - Page 2 - Tropical Fish Keeping - Aquarium fish care and resources
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i have
pygmy corys
cherry barbs
cutteri cichlids
northern mountain swordtails clown plecos
gardneri biassa killifish
syno petricola
bristlenose plecos
blood parrot
kirin parrot
congo tetras
blue gourami
senegal bichrs
i think thats it.
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I dont really know those fish, but 5 ml in a half a bottle of prime is not alot, and it would be so diluted it probably would not really harm them.
A bottle is 50, half is 25. So 1:5. If you are changing 10 gallons you would have 20 drops so one ml.
37,850 ml in ten gallons, so in the 20 ml you would use about 0.05 I believe would be garlic. So 0.0001321% would be garlic, not enough to hurt the fish.
That goes for any tank, I just chose ten cause it is easy to work with.

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I'm not familiar with the majority of those fish either. But if you have anything you know to be sensitive and picky about water conditions I wouldn't do it. You could try it with a tank with hardier fish first and see if there are any ill effects. Plus, I can't imagine sulfer+ garlic smells good anyway.


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ive heard of garlic being put in water plus all of my food have garlic in them. i would imagine that some would get into the water.
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