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I just drank water from my dirty fish tank

Before anyone asks, No it wasn't a college prank or dare. I was cleaning my fish tank. I can't even explain what happened but I got a gulp of water in my mouth and because it was a shock, I swallowed. I then rinsed my mouth out and now I feel like I am going to throw up. I am sure it is mostly mental. What a stupid thing. I get grossed out when the water is on my hands. UGH!!!

I am extra concerned because I just lost a fish. One of my Tiger Barbs passed away after having a very large bloated look. I thought she was pregnant but then took a turn for the worse. She had been acting normal until yesterday morning. Then, last night she died.

I feel like I should drink peroxide or something. Don't worry, I won't but... I just feel gross. Now I can add this to the long line of stupid things to NEVER do again.
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Hello where have you been ? Im sure you will be fine... are you over your guppie explosion?
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I use to do tank maintenance when I was in high school and one of the tanks was a 250 gallon built as a cube in the middle of a restaurant's bar area. Due to the bartenders dropping olives into the tank, it acquired a really virulent bacterial problem and I dumped in literally a hundred of dollars of meds. What's the point of this background? The idiots that built the tank had the only access point as a 1X2' panel located 7 feet above the floor, so when I siphoned to the bar sink, using a 1" diameter hose, you can imagine how much of this NASTY water and medication I got force-fed when I forgot how high (in this case too low!) I was on the ladder when I started the siphon by mouth. Given a 3' to 4' head of pressure, I spent more than a moment over the sink "retrieving" the water I swallowed! You certainly have my sympathy!
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ps sorry about your tiger barb
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I have been so busy with family stuff that I have not had as much time to be here. :( I miss everyone and the chatting about fish. I am hoping to be back more frequently. I still have way too many Guppies in the 25 and now have a half dozen males in the 60. I also lost a guppy a few days back but am not quite as concerned there as I KNOW that was a birthing issue. Wouldn't you know, there is a new baby in there now to "replace" her. That tends to happen with Guppies. I am glad she only had the one. Still sad to see her go. Again, she was one I thought was super pretty.

DXRST I am so glad that I am not the only one to do such a thing. This too is a large Python so... BIG GULP. Now, why was a stupid enough to swollow any? Ugh!
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sorry about super pretty guppy....we now have many many sunset platys .. We .have found great LFs to take them ...Yi PEEE...where you abel end your snail envasion?
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I've swallowed water and was okay. But hey, I've also drank water from the schuylkill river so...

- Christine
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We went to school in Philly and I know our first dog drank out of that river!
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I did this once, it was the last time I ever started a siphon with it dug in the gravel.
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If you think that is bad i swallowed water from my Turtles tank ! Ewwww i nearly threw up !

I was so paranoid that something might happen to me that i google searched to see if something bad was about to happen. . . . well 6 months later im still alive Although i dont suck the syphon hose anymore
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