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Biospira is hit and miss at best. I have heard stories of it working perfectly and I have heard stories of it actually making the cycle longer. That and other stories of it working for x number of weeks and then the whole system falls apart. I would make sure to test as much if not more often after using it after you add fish to make sure the whole system doesn't crash.

As for the fishless cycle, I am not sure why you could not add a normal bioload to a tank after doing one. I have never heard of any problem doing it and I know people who use the fishless cycle to prepare tanks fpor very large and messy fish like Arrowana and Oscars. If it can prepare a tank for them then it should be able to prepare any tank for our more common and less messy fish. The peope who introduced me to it have done so for many years without any problems.

I swear by it. I did fishless cycles on both of my tanks and I was able to add a full normal bioload without ever seeing any sign of ammonia or nitrites.
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Fishless cycling using ammonia is the only way to go in cycling larger tanks, 55g and larger. It greatly accelerates the cycle process. The only ones to condemn it are those that do not understand how it works and cannot grasp intricacies. It is not to be used without constant monitoring.

Anyone saying otherwise is not only misinformed, But refuse to try to understand the process.
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The value of adding a whole school of fish together is that it will probably result in them sticking together in the tank afterwards.

I have a very similar 30 gal tank to yours that I started from scratch 4 month ago. I started it clean with sand substrate and new decorations, new filter, seeded it by setting one 8 oz. cup of gravel from a well established tank in it. 3 days later I added a black molly that needed to move or else die in fights with my synodontis. Got a very small ammonia spike, then it settled down. 7 days after the Molly I added 9 neon tetras. I tested the water daily, no ammonia spikes. A week later, 6 harlequin rasboras, again no spikes.

My interpretation was that with small fish like these, the bio-load on a 30 gallon tank is pretty minimal. Just be careful not to overfeed during the cycle (or ever) and closely monitor the water params. Do water changes as needed. You should do fine.
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