I finally have fish!
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I finally have fish!

This is a discussion on I finally have fish! within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> The water in my new aquarium at long last cycled and I was able to get fish, after my four platys died during the ...

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Old 02-08-2011, 01:48 PM   #1
I finally have fish!

The water in my new aquarium at long last cycled and I was able to get fish, after my four platys died during the initial cycling. I now have two corys and two cherry barbs. I have a few questions involving their care:
How many times a day should I feed? On the fish food it says often. The lady at the fish store said no more than once a day.
Should I buy special pellet-type food for the bottom dwellers (corys)?
How often should I do partial water changes?

Thank you.
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I personally feed mine two small portions of flake food a day (morning and late evening).
Not sure about bottom feeders like corys though....
And if your tank has cycled you should only have to do water changes weekly :)
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Congrats on new fish

I must say though, as someone who also had a tank recently cycle, still use caution and be careful. I still tested my ammonia and was getting readings initially of ammonia, after not seeing ammonia. The guy at the fish store told me to feed every other day and very little. I'm doing that and I'm now not seeing ammonia. I think unless your tank is huge overfeeding is such a big contributor to the ammonia.

Good luck. Easier to be overly careful, do water checks/water changes rather than find dead fish

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bottom feeders

Oh, also I think you should get sinking food for your catfish. I could be wrong, but I bet they'd prefer it
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Juvenile fish should be fed at least 3 small meals a day. Adults are fine with once a day. The best food is always a variety of foods. Don't stick to just flakes. Flakes are like potato chips. Try bloodworms, daphnia, sinking pellets (for cories) and add some plants for the cherry barbs to forage around.

Do weekly water changes as bare minimum. If you detect ammonia and nitrite, do water changes right away until they're back to zero.
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Especially in a newly established tank, cories wont be able to get enough food just from leftovers from the other fish. I have sinking shrimp pellets that my cories eat, and they love them. They also catch a couple of flakes that land at the bottom, and whenever freeze-dried bloodworms make it down to them they eat too. They also enjoy the weekly mini algae disc that they all share.

With the sinking shrimp pellets, I drop down about 5 of them, and my cories munch on them through out the day...and I only end up adding sinking food once a day, even though they feed continuously.

For my top fish, tetras (for the moment that is all else that is in there), I feed them twice a day (they are more than half way grown).

In my smaller tank, I feed them twice a day as well, more in the morning than in the evening. Their evening is more of a snack. I am careful not to overfeed this tank since it is so small and I dont want a spike in ammonia...in a small tank, the littest spike can be bad.
In my larger tank (29 gal) I dont worry about it too much, all the food gets ate, and even if it doesnt, I dont ever get a spike in ammonia (it has been fully cycled for a while and I havent had any issues with the ammonia except for a mini re-cycle it when through when I put a new filter on it, but it was a very very tiny ammonia spike, it was something like 0.025 and was immediately addressed.)

Congrats on finally getting fish!! I know how exciting that can be!! And welcome to TFK!!!
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Old 02-09-2011, 11:33 AM   #7
Thanks for the info. I can see how this could be addicting to me. I am already wanting another tank for just angel fish. I have my current tank planned. How long should I wait before adding more fish? What is the perfect number of fish to add at a time? I plan to ultimately have about 14 fish, since it is a 30 gal. tank and they all could grow up to about two inches, but don't want to add them too fast. Thanks for all your help.
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Originally Posted by Lupin View Post
Flakes are like potato chips.
But potato chips are delicious!

Flakes are often made to be nutritionally sufficient though, so its not like feeding fish junk food, more like feeding them terra chips. Its not bad to make the flakes the majority of the diet, but you should select some days of the week where you feed frozen foods like the ones mentioned before. Freeze dried stuff can cause constipation, so if you use freeze-dried, soak them in water for a while before feeding.
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I've never gotten constipated from eating freeze dried worms...

I agree, they need variety.

For the cories, a good food is "Wardley Shrimp Pellets" or "Earthworm Pellets", with the weekly algae disc to aid digestion.

I only feed my fish once a day, and only about 4 days a week. People say that's not enough, but I've never had problems.

Of course, it's a pretty heavy feeding, but nothing hits the substrate (except the cory food).

Sometimes I might give the fish an extra snack, sometimes not.

I usually feed flake, and then when they're done, I add in some dried bloodworm, crushed dried mysis, or some of my homemade food.

(made out of about 6 leaves of blanched spinach, a whole shrimp shell and all, a tbsp of paprika, and little clove of garlic.)
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As far as feeding you have already got some really good advice so listen the them.
I don't think anyone mentioned anything about water changes, but you should perform those either weekly or bi-weekly depending on how the levels in your tank are. Again the amount of water could vary from 10-30% depending on what you want to do. Just be sure to use a water conditioner/dechlorinater
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