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I cleaned my fish tank yesterday.

I clean my tank like every two weeks. Its a lot of work and sweat but it rewards a crystal clean and clear tank for the fish and myself to enjoy!

Here's the pic

I had to clean my fish tank today, had to place all the fish in the bucket first

Had wash all the sand, plastic plants and the tank. Damn a lot of work and sweat

After cleaning the sand , tank and stones, i rearranged the tank and fill it up with water

I turned on the fish pump and tank god it worked...

Needed to pour in the anti chlorine medicine into the water and wait at least 1 hour,by now the fishes were gasping for air

I finally scooped all the fishes into the tank and the fish swam happy.There was one which swam upside down,but was ok

All the fishes swam happy and clean

More fish pic.

More fish pictures but close up. Promise not to put more fish pic. Honest

Click http://twitpic.com/photos/MrFunnyBored if you want to see all instead of clicking each

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love the pix!! just curious why you did not just post them inhere though so it would make the thread a little easier to read?????
oh yeah WELCOME to TFK......

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gosh,that's a lot of fish in there !!

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Welcome to TFK!

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Funnybored (06-28-2010)
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Welcome to TFK, Funnybored. Enjoyed the pics. That's alot of work you had to do!

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taking all the fish out, cleaning the tank and putting them back in disrupts the tanks cycle and stresses the fish. you may want to do alittle reading on a freshwater tank cycle, if not ask a few questions and myself or someone else will hopefully point you in the right direction.
welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to the forum! It looks great, but I feel obligated to agree with onefishtwofish. A lot of what you are cleaning out of the tank is good for your fish. Part of the problem may be that your fish are too many in number and size for that tank. Goldfish are notoriously messy fish and require a massive amount of filtration. I've seen fish like yours reach more than a foot and a half in length. I'd be hard pressed to suggest more than two three of them in a 55 gallon tank, much less 8 in a smaller one. For most of us, cleaning the tank involves vacuuming the gravel, removing large detritus and putting in fresh water. (max 50% water change) We do it this way to preserve the beneficial bacteria that eliminate the ammonia from our fish's waste. I strongly suggest you read about the cycle process, stocking, and maintenance.

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if you stop the cycle by cleaning out the whole tank its ok. its possible to run a cycleless tank. it happens a lot in betta tanks. if you clean everything the cycle wont start so you wont get any spikes. although its a lot more work. you could just siphon out like 25% every week and vacum the gravel, but for his situation with so many fish, i think hes handeling it perfectly

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