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Well I have a friend who also has an aquarium, and she is giving me advice. I was going to get a beta fish, but that would be a waste of a 10 gallon tank.
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Originally Posted by goldfish98 View Post
I had someone from the store check the water, and he said it was fine.
I can't tell you how many times I've heard that. You have to be able to test your own water. Many a fish keeper have been under the false impression that their water was "fine" because the employee said so. Seems that their definition of fine is often somewhat loose... Always get numbers - never accept words.
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Then I guess I will invest in that testing kit :)
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A betta would lovvvveeee a ten gallon!
a ten gallon is actually pretty tiny in the aquarium hobby, it's classified as a nano tank! As a result, there's actually very little fish from the local fish store you can ethically keep in it :(

If you have a green thumb you might also want to look into how to keep aquarium plants ^_^

If you really love the colors you get from bettas you can do a sorority of 6 girls in a 10 gallon. This can, however be a delicate process, so make sure to read up on it ! The bettafish keeping part of this forum is pretty extensive, feel free to explore and learn! It's actually another forum on it's own~ it's soooo fascinating :)

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Chesh (10-10-2013)
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I was told to never keep more than one beta in one tank, as they fight.
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Betas will fight unless you get a male and female pair. But in my opinion I wouldn't do one beta for a ten gallon tank. I also have a ten gallon planted tank and I have 3 neon tetras a kjillifish a cory cat and a panda goby. so just because it is a small tank dosent mean you only have the option of a beta. but I wouldn't purchase any fish from petco or any of those stores bc most of the time the fish are unhealthy. I would try to research & find a good fish store, they can also help you with stocking your tank. If you live in MA the place I purchase my fish is called Unique Aquaria and even though they don't have a huge store they are able to order about any fish you want and are EXTREMELY knowledgeable.
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goldfish98 (10-10-2013)
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While I was at petco, I was a bit shocked. I saw 50 goldfish in a 20 gallon tank.
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yes they keep them like that because those fish are only used to feed other fish so they don't rly care if they are healthy or not, but fish from any of those stores are usually sick. An d the people who work at those stores know as much about fish as the average person walking down the street. But I urge you to find a quality fish store in your area bc they will be able to test your water of your tank and give you options of what fish you can stock it with. I HIGHLY suggest you do a planted tank bc it will hell a lot especially when first adding fish bc your ammonia will spike a lot. that's why when your tank is finished cycling you should only add 1-2 fish at a time to let the water adjust.

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The fish I got apparently eat live plants, but I bet a planted tank would look nicer. One of the two fish is pretty hyper; he loves darting around the tank. The other fish isnt hyper at all as he stays in pretty much the same spot for a long time, but he does follow the other fish at times. This morning I thought the slow fish was missing, but it was just hiding. I looked away for a second, and when I looked back, I saw him. The little stinker gave me quite the scare for a second.
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lol yah they can do that. That happens with my neons on a daily basis because I have a piece of drift wood that one of them likes to sit under. But I did the exact same thing you did I won two goldfish and put them in a ten gallon tank. with some plants and they don't eat them but mine lasted about a year before they croaked which is a really long time for feeder gold fish. you can keep them in the ten for now but the one that's sits in one spot is most likely sick so he may not last to much longer but the other one could last a couple more months. Comet goldfish just aren't a healthy species but I would defiantly put some plants in there bc that will help with the ammonia a ton and if theres to much ammonia it will kill them. also do weekly water changes of about a third of the tank and put prime in the new water (or any chlorine remover) before adding it to the tank.

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