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Wow this particle board is very fragile to water even though its powder coated.. While setting the tank up I got some water down the side of the tank on the top its sitting on and I wiped it off but some got under the tank on top and then a few hours later I noticed it has bubbles in it now in spots I got water on... Geeze I guess I cant be messy when I clean and re-arrange this tank like I am with my others.. I need to make sure I have 2-3 dry toils to wipe my arm off as I pull it out of the tank so I don't get the stand wet...

Oh well.. that kinda sucks..

I add'ed tons of food to get the nitrifying process going, but instead of waiting 4 weeks I decided to pour an entire bottle of API bacterial supliment in the tank.. 100 gallons worth.. So hopefully this will get the settled.. I don't want to wait weeks to put fish in... I decided to transplant some plants in my 30 gallon over too.. as it had too many plants.. I don't plan on putting high maintenance plants in though because its only got 2 pink bulbs for 0.56 wpg total.. I think amazon swords and money wart and java fern will be ok with that lighting.. Maybe Anubias too
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If you want a faster cycle just keep the ammonia levels at or below 1ppm during the process. While it can be as quick as 7 days it will probably take a few more. As long as you are diligent with the levels it will be faster. Some will say a cycle setup like this won't handle a large immediate fish load but if you are adding plants as the fish go in they will act to buffer the whole process.

That pressed board material is not great with water but it is cheap. The twist motion isn't as big a deal as the linear horizontal motion as it isn't likely to happen on its own or if it gets jostled. If the stand is against the wall you could brace it to the wall. Drilling this material doesn't cause it to crack if you do a decent job of it and size the holes appropriately for the screws.


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The shotgun approach to a planted tank with an LED fixture

Small scale nitrogen cycle with a jar, water and fish food; no substrate, filter etc
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No it doesn't move horizontally.. I can push and pull it pretty hard and it wont even budge.. So I guess this stand is deff up for the job..

Im just surpised getting water on it, ON the painted part still managed to get it to start to bubble... That's weird... Must be a really cheapo powder coat job.. the details on walmarts website says its powder coated on the top bottom and the doors... That's why I originally thought it was a hard plastic.. but guess not lol.. I'll just have to be extra careful to never get water drops on it.. Make sure I have a dry towel to wipe my arm when I pull it out anytime I clean or do something to it..

My mom put a few fish from her 30g in it... I told her not too, she put her giant Guaramis in the tank they are like 3-4 inchs long shes had them for years.. And she put the 4 still not adult sized Gold barbs in it.. We also put 2 medium sized maybe 6-7 inch amazon swords in, and some plant I don't know the name too, and the money wart, and Java fern, and wisteria from her tank in it. (her tank had too many plants and fish hense the move)

I decided to put the filter from my tank and 1 from her tank in the filter of that tank.. It came with a Marineland Penguin Power wheel 350 filter.. and it has 2 large blue floss filters in it but this power wheel filter has a space between the main filters and the biowheels where you can add a secondary filter to it.. So I put my 2 used filters from the other tanks in there.. That way I can help speed up the nitrogen cycle on top of adding 100g worth of API bacteria. The tank is already cloudy within 1 day so that's a good sign.. Ammonia was .50 to 1.0 last I checked.. I'll check it tomorrow and see if its higher ill do a water change so those fish don't die she tossed in there..

I wish I had more money to spend.. I dislike using these 2 stock T8 lights on it.. It sucks because If I use a colormax or FloraMax bulb to help the plants the tank is super dim.. and if I use a full spectrum bulb then it will only have a blue frequency and that doesn't do dick to plants.. So I decided to do one side floramax and one side full spectrum so the tank isn't dim its decently lit up.

Does anyone know a not so expensive and nicely built duel T5HO 48 inch strip light ? If I cant find one under $120 im just going to buy the duel T5 light in Petsmart for $90.. Its only 56 watts vs im sure 100+ for a t5ho but at least itll have 2 bulbs spread evenly along the tank one for growing plants the other to light the tank up..
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Ok little update...

I decided to get a duel T5 NO duel light strip from aqueon in petsmart... The 2 light strip setup the tank had was just way too dim.. It had 2 24 inch strips on it using single T8 18 inch bulbs... One was a colormax the other was a fullspectrum which has zero red spectrum in it.. So the tank was bright on one side and super dim on the other I didn't like that at all and plus I don't think 15w for each half of the tank is good enough for growing anything.. let alone that fullspectrum bulb with no red spectrum... That wont grow anything..

My 27g Hexagon I recently changed its lighting.. I removed the old hood.. I made a plexiglass hood.. and bought 2x20 inch aqueon T8 hoods and 2x floramax bulbs and set that on my plexiglass top. I also used the original 15 inch strip with a Fullspectrum bulb to make the tank bright for my eyes because 2 floramax are too pink by themselves and not bright enough... I use those 2 bulbs and my plants are growing great......


I decided to be sneaky.. I returned those 2 20inch hoods and a colormax bulb from the hexagon.. I got my $80 back.. I used that 80 plus $10 more to get that duel 48 inch t5NO fixture... The 55g is SOOO much brighter now and the bulbs are a colormax and daylight which have high red and blue spectrums perfect for plants... Since I returned my 20 inch hood my hex had no lights.. but I poped those 24 inch hoods from the 55 on top to take there place.. They may be 24 inch but they use 18 inch bulbs.. so I put my floramax's in them.. So my HEXAGON tank still has the same light it had before, and my 55g now has much much better lighting..

Here is a picture of the tank so far.. I just got that driftwood in it.. I looks awesome in my opinion.. I still more plants but for now it has 4 6 inch amazon swords, 1 moneywart, 2 small java fern, and some plant with big leaves that are green on top and purple veiny on the bottom... I dunno its name..

Here a before and after picture with the lighting.. granted the after I took the pic during the day but that doesn't matter its literally 2-3x brighter.. I love it.. and the tank isn't half pink and half white anymore lol

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