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I am confused about cycling

This is a discussion on I am confused about cycling within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Varying opinions on nitrate abound but the general consensus is to keep it no higher than 20ppm. While 40ppm and even higher may (note, ...

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I am confused about cycling
Old 10-27-2010, 06:57 PM   #11
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Varying opinions on nitrate abound but the general consensus is to keep it no higher than 20ppm. While 40ppm and even higher may (note, may) not harm some fish, it will others long-term.

I don't see mention of any live plants, so assuming you have none (you should, with your selection of fish) a weekly partial water change should keep nitrates in check. The amount will depend upon fish load, looking at your list I would do 50% weekly.

Have you checked your tap water for nitrate? Some has nitrate, some has ammonia and some nitrite; it is good to know at the start if any of these are present in your source water so they can be dealt with and you know more exactly what is occurring in the aquarium.

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shadetreeme (10-27-2010)
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I have some vals I got from Fishkid and a few banana plants, but that is it so far. You actually answered my lighting question on another thread, about 8,000k all glass bulbs.
Thanks for that as well. I would like to put in a few mor plants but have not been able to pick what I want yet.
I have been doing 25% weekly, but I can increase it.
I went to Aquadvisor and put in my info... it said I was at 105% stocked and the filtration was 125% and suggested 25% weekly. I figured that since the stock level was based on adult critters and most of mine are not that size yet, I would be ok fer a while.

I have been learning tons.... thanks to this forum. I hope you that answer all the questions realize how much us Newbs appreciate you knowledge and the fact that you invest so much of you free time in helping others. I am sure that you all have saved many fish and kept many of us from giving up and putting our stuff on Craigslist.
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Old 10-27-2010, 08:17 PM   #13
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Thank you. There are many members here with more knowledge than I have, and collectively we must have quite a lot to share--and obviously we are happy to share. We want you to be successful too.

I know the people who design those programs mean well, but fish compatibility is very complex. If you have plants, you have more fish space--but don't go overboard with that idea. You can also get away with less water changes--but the fish load (type of fish, number) in relation to the volume and the plants determines this.

Don't forget to check your tap water for nitrate, just to know. Another thing with plants, is lower or non-existent nitrate. I have 5 ppm in my tanks, Kymmie has zero, all due to the plants.

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