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How to sterilize a tank and all accessories?!

I lost my siamese fighter a couple weeks ago, he lost his long battle with constipation/bloat.

I emptied his tank at the time but its just sat there ever since. What's the best way to clean and sterilize it and everything in it??
I've rinsed and put the pebbles in hot water, the pump it currently pumping toxically salty water in a bid to kill anything that may be in it, I have scrubbed the tank in warm water but its acrylic so I dont know what else I can do to it!

I dont know what to do with the sponges or heater.

Thanks all!
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Since your fish died of natural causes with something wrong that a new fish couldn't catch, the rinsing, salt soaking, warm water, and so on is what you need to be doing. Do what you can to remove all traces of salt and meds (from last fish) before adding a new one. Just give the heater a good hot rinsing and hot water soak. What kind of sponges do you mean? Filter or cleaning?
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I suppose your right, I just wanted to make sure there was nothing nasty in there that would survive!
Sorry, I meant the filter sponges, could I boil them?
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Seeing as all beneficial bacteria etc from them is gone etc, why not just replace the sponges and media etc?

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If you want to kill all bacteria in the tank including the media and components; use 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts water. Add the H2O2 when the room lights are out because it rapidly breaksdown in the presence of light. Run the pump (no lights) and the next day, dump the water and refill with fresh water and let the pump (lights on) and run for 24 hours. Afterwhich all traces of hydrogen peroxide will breakdown into water and oxygen. 3% Hydrogen peroxide is available in any supermarket. Do not do this if you have any animals in the tank or they willl die.

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The 1 to 4 ratio is too much. Use 120 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide to every 8 gallons. This comes down to 15 ml per gallon. Then follow the above.
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