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How safe is second hand ceramic media?

We've just been given a second hand biorb complete with ceramic media for the floor. How do I ensure there are no bugs and nasties in the media? She assures me she never had to treat the fish for anything and they were all healthy and the only reason she changed it was to upgrade to the bigger biorb she showed me.

Do I pour boiling water over it and leave it to cool, will this sterilize it? I don't want to soak it in bleach as it's so pourous.
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If the media is well and truly died out, the risk of any disease transfer is small. Most of the stuff commonly feared, like ick, won't withstand being totally dry. Even bacteria require something to feed upon and some moisture, so a very dried out media is usually ok. Having said that, there are some bacteria that form spores and some parasites can encyst, so I'd use the boiling water for peace of mind if nothing else!
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Boiling water probably won't sterilise it.

Use hydrogen peroxide- a bottle's only about a dollar. Boiling water might make the ceramic crack anyway.

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^^ genius

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Good point about the cracking the ceramic (didn't think of that) and the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into a non-toxic product quickly. For true sterilization, it would have to boil 5+ minutes...
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IME it's much to do about nothing. Some people can never be too careful though.

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Originally Posted by jaysee View Post
IME it's much to do about nothing. Some people can never be too careful though.
Just call us fish hypochondriacs, or should that be fish "aquachondriacs"...
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