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I have considered taking it higher, but most people just look at a fish and if it's alive it's fine, if it's dead well maybe something is wrong. The more people I complain to about this, the more I see that people just don't care.

You are totally right. Fish in unsuitable environments, or just environments that are unnatural are boring. They can't show their personalities, and most just swim aimlessly around the tank. That is what I thought too, but if someone had told me that a fish of mine was going to die, you better bet that I would have gotten off my but and done what is right. Even when I wasn't interested in fish I still was sad when I saw a dead one. I think that I will print some pictures of my tanks and stick them in my binder to show people.

I think I will also leave her a little present at the end of the semester. As I walk out the door I will tape a paper that says "Bettas are not disposable pets, treat them RIGHT!" and then underneath a betta care sheet. She'll probably just throw it out, but at least she'll know what I think of her, and she won't be able to do anything to me!
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Lol stick a note on the front of her desk that reads "fish killer!!!"

And just before you laid dead weight upon its shores, I stung you in the face for that's the nature of my core.
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This just keeps getting better !

Here's an update: First off, the kid that changes the tank now thinks it's ok to dump the gravel into the sink, rinse it, and put it back in. People clean off poopy scoopers in there! Anyone heard of BACTERIA! He's also really rough with the fish.

A couple days ago the kid was out so I offered to do the betta tank. As I was acclimating him to the water (my teacher and some of the students now accept this as a good thing) my teacher comes up to me and asks how he is doing. I reply that he's not doing so great and still really needs a heater. She says that she is going to leave herself a message on her home phone to bring in "the tank with the heater" which I don't think actually exists. Does she really think that I don't realize that she is just blowing me off?!

The tank is still not there two days later-big surprise there. Today that stupid kid cleaned the tank again. Then he fed him; tons of bloodworms (he is still not eating the pellets which I think are also too big for his mouth). The teacher is right there and doesn't say anything. So later I walk by the tank to see the fish floating on his side, like I didn't know that was coming. So I point it out to the teacher and explain what she should do and why this happened and she says that she thinks she will take him home this weekend (gee, I haven't heard that before).

A few minutes later, I saw her just staring into space like people do when they are torn about something. I was hoping that she would ask me if I would take him, she knows that I would. But, her teeny, tiny brain just couldn't come to the right conclusion and she said nothing.

I can't stand this! It is just horrible watching an animal slowly die such a horrible death ! I'm sure he will still be there on Monday if he is still alive, and I am going to ask her to reconsider and give him to me. At this point I really don't care what she thinks of me, she can't fail me just because she doesn't like me!

An unrelated topic, but worth sharing. As you can probably guess, she is a horrible teacher as well. She doesn't teach us ANYTHING and makes us either do research papers, or a "teaching project" where we teach the class about what we researched about. So, when one kid (who obviously has a mental impairment) was doing his presentation and confusing the class with contradicting facts, I hear her saying under her breath to a student who was confused "Well, that's because there's a lot missing from this presentation." How immature is that! If she wants us to LEARN something she should not count on us to be teachers, and get off her fat butt and teach it herself! That's what they pay her for right! UNBELIEVABLE!
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It's really sad that the fish is suffering... but maybe in a way, it's meant to happen.... perhaps this will open up everyones eyes, and teach them to really care about animals and admit you were right, and be more open to your suggestions. =/
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Unfortunately, they don't care and don't listen. Everyone still seems to be in the mindset that fish are just "disposable pets". Jeesh, and these are the people in the animal management class....
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I'm very happy that you tried... there are ppl out there who think bettas are HAPPY to live in small environments and they think that all they need is water to livein ... how ignorant and naive of them. I'm glad that you know how to take care of fishees at your age... I just recently learned how to take proper care of them. Maybe this approach would be better: tell her that you know how to care of fishees :) and that whenever your fishees have these depression/lethargic-like symptoms, fishees almost always die. Ask her if she can please do something about it cuz it is disturbing you and your knowledge of proper fish care. Approach her like a sympathetic child. Maybe she'll be more lenient and understandable. She is probably in defense mode w/ you... you are telling her what to do with fish, and as a teacher, its like breaking their pride. YOU have to be like a teacher and be a sympathetic adult and treat HER like a peer. Its all strategy. Good luck!
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