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Update: I talked to my teacher last week when she came back from a trip . That poor fish was so cold and she wasn't even there! Anyway, I nicely explained to her that the betta was very cold and that they are tropical fish that prefer a stable temp of around 78-80 degrees. I even snuck in that it is much easier to get a good, but still cheap heater for a larger tank, say 5.5 gallon. She replied that she has an empty 5.5 gal. at home and seemed to want to take care of him right. Well, there is still no tank or heater and I honestly thought that the fish was dead today. She was gone again, and the heat in the room went out meaning that it was even colder than usual. The poor betta was just sitting in his tiny little rough cave like he was waiting to die!!! I told the substitute that the fish was on the brink of death, and she told me that I could go ask another teacher if I could go put him in the greenhouse room of a nearby building. The teacher wasn't there so I asked her if she could have someone in the next class ask the teacher during the next period when I guessed rthat she would be there. I honestly don't have much faith that that happened. These people are so stupid, they think that they can just put some warm water in the tank and that it will last all day. Not so! Didn't anyone ever tell them that water will adjust to room temperature quite quickly, especially in a small bowl?

Oh, and it seems that my teacher forgot about my warning about pH up and down. She is so stupid. She told me that they change the water in the goldfish tank when the pH gets so low that the pH up drops don't work anymore. WHAT!! WHERE DOES SHE GET THIS CRAP? I am going to try to explain this to her AGAIN once she gets back.

Anyway, the poor betta looks horrible. He is loosing fins and his eyes look almost dead. He has not been eating except for the occasional freeze-dried blood worm for a while. BUT, he looks so bad that I have a plan, that is, IF he survives until Monday (they were supposed to fix the heat after school today). Hopefully it will work, but I'm not going to tell you until I find out if it worked or not. Wish me luck! If it works it will be a nice surprise.
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It didn't work. I don't have much faith that he will survive. Poor thing, it makes me so mad ! I'll tell you guys what happened later, but I just don't have the time now.
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Kim, I'm so sorry that you have to witness the fish's suffering. Animals are living things, and every single one no matter the size feels pain. I hope you can get through to your teacher. Have you talked with the principal at all? (((hugs)))
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My principal would likely laugh me out of the room. There are 3000 plus students in the school, and by the time I actually get an "appointment" he will likely be dead.

Anyway, on Friday he looked so bad that I thought maybe she would give him to me if I asked. So, on Monday this is how the conversation went. "Mrs. Mooers, your betta is half dead over there." "I know, I think maybe I'll bring him home today and get him a heater." "Would you be interested in letting me adopt him? I have an extra tank with a heater and filter and I would like to try to save him." She looks at me like I have 3 heads and says kinda laughing "Why would you want to do that?" I reply, "well, I really like bettas and think that I can save him." She says that she wants him for the classroom, so she will bring him home and bring him back when he is "better." Yeah right, this woman knows NOTHING about fish and she is always "too busy" to do anything. I mean, if someone gives you advice I wouldn't think that you would wait until the fish is almost DEAD to do something. I mean, they thought he was dead Mon. morning because he had wedged himself in his little plastic plant (which they do when they are dying) but when they "freed" him they just thought he was fine. Duh, there is a reason why he got "stuck." I'm guessing that she will just do a water change the next day without acclimating him at all to the different water, and being so weak he will just die of shock.

This teacher is also horrible as a teacher. She is irresponsible, unorganized, and doesn't listen to anyone. Most eveyone in my class is pissed at her. I have a harder time getting good grades in this general level class than in my honors bio class. But, enough of that at least I'm not being tortured like her poor little betta fish.
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Maybe I'll have to go rescue one from the pet store in honor of him.....
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I would just take him at the end of class and hop out the window with him... At least make sure he gets a nice final resting spot :(

And just before you laid dead weight upon its shores, I stung you in the face for that's the nature of my core.
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Oh believe me I wanted to take him. But, since I have a reputation as "the fish girl" and as I had already spoken to her several times on this account, she would know that it was me.

At first I figured that it would be better to educate her so that everyone in the class could learn how to properly care for betta fish. Plus, if I took him she would have just gotten a replacement anyway.

Hmmm...if he's still there tomorrow maybe I could convince the girl that changes his water (who seems to genuinely care about him) to be my partner in crime. I could say he died, go out to bury him, put him in my coat pocket, and call my mom for a fast getaway. Yeah, like those things ever work out as planned. With my luck she would come over to see the "dead" fish.

Unfortunately I think that he will probably be dead by tomorrow whether he is in the classroom or she took him home.

I think I may make a betta care sheet and hand it out to my class. Maybe I will even tape it to my back! is so unfair. Maybe I'll just tell her to her face how disgusted I am, march out of the room, and drop the class. That would make an impression!

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Is there any way you could set up a betta tank in the room yourself? Even if she won't let you do what's right for the fish, I don't see how she'd think it's "wrong" for you to set up your own tank. Set up a proper tank with great decorations, filtration, and heating, make sure to get a healthy betta from a good store, and let the health and happiness of the fish speak for itself. The other students, and maybe your teacher as well, will see the difference between the two fish.

My stance has always been this: even if you don't care in the least about animal rights, you should still do everything possible to give your fish the best possible life. Even if you view the fish as just a piece of art for your enjoyment, wouldn't you get more enjoyment out of it if it were better looking, more active, and showed more interesting behavior? That can't happen in sub-par living conditions. To get the most enjoyment out of our pets, we have to treat them as best we can. You don't even have to be a supporter of animal rights to want to treat your fish well.

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Not really. I am only in the class for another quarter and there would be no one to care for it properly after I'm gone. My teacher is really stupid and probably wouln't treat it right. I really don't want another fish to suffer her.

Plus she would probably take it as an isult. Also, there's no more room!

I have come to the conclusion yet again that most people just suck :(
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I say kidnap the fish. You could leave a ransom note too, something funny. I know, nothing about the situation is funny, but when you get accused, you can always say with a straight face that its no laughing matter and since you are already the "crazy fish girl" perhaps you'll be believed.

Seriously though, if the teacher hasn't taken you seriously thus far there is probably nothing you can do.

How much trouble you think you'd get in if you did just take the poor guy though?
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