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how to get suit out of the water, when using flourite gravel

I just got a 37 gallon tank. The guy at the local aquarium store told me that I should use flourite for my aquarium bedding if I want to keep a fair amount of plants in the aquarium. Although, when I put in the gravel it turned my water dark brown. It looks like the water in an out-house... lol. I have my filter running, and added an extra foam pad in there to soak up the murkyness but, is there anything else I should do? I know there is some type of chemical that will clear the water by making the particals heavier so they float to the bottom but, is that healthy for the fish? And is there anything (non chemically) that I can do? or should I just wait it out and the water will clear? please help
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Water changes, filter floss, and what you are doing is the best thing to try. Fluorite should be rinsed for what seems forever before adding to a tank.
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ooops, I didnt rinse it first... lol should I do a FULL water change now than? like pretend that the water in there is doing the rinsing? also, what is filter floss?
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should I try the chemical stuff?
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Big no on the chemicals.

Do you have fish in your tank? If not and you're early enough into the cycle that you don't mind restarting it, then go ahead and change if you you want. If you have fish or are almost done with the cycle then I wouldn't. Filter floss is sold in almost any store that has pet products, usually by the canister filters.

This is an example:

One more thing...uhhh, not to be rude of mean or anything time please read the directions. I've never seen a bag of any kind of gravel before that doesn't say to rinse it. Hope this helps! :D

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yea it does help, thank u verry much. :) I was in a hurry to put the gravel in before class, so... Being a guy and all, I failed to read directions. Haha
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