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I had a constant algae promblem in my 55. gal. tank.All my levels were fine. 7.5 PH, Nitrate 0, Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0. I tryed algae eaters Otco. that only get to be about 2" big. They died and I had several of them. I was turned on to a Bushynosed Pleco or Bristlenose which is the same. They only get to be 4-4 1/2" max at adult size. Perfect for a small tank or big tank. Well that fish cleared out my algae problem in 2 days. It's the best fish that I ever got. I told my sister about that fish and she bought 2 of them and told me that she was amazed at how clean her tank was in 2 days. I love this fish odd looking but does a great job in cleaning on decor, and glass. It's like a vacumme cleaner for your tank. If algae is not present in your tank just drop in a algae waffer that sinks to the bottom, They also clean up excess food. Every tank should have one of these it's like Merry Maids for your tank. females are smaller in size then males. Males have like bushy tenticles on it's nose. Male and female will mate, male and male not good can cause problems because of teritorry fighting, female and female is ok.

An other problem with algae is that over feeding can be a problem, Cut back on your feeding to once a day and maybe skip 1 day with no food. Your fish will be fine. Fish can actually be fine without food for a week. It can also be your food you are feeding your fish. Go with a food with low phosphprus content minimizes the risk of algae blooms in aquarims. Nutrafin Max is a good food that has low phosphprus. Limit your light being on to a minimum I have mine on at noon til 8-9pm. Maybe put your lights on a automatic timer.
Hope this helps you and get a Bushynose Pleco or 2. You will be amazed at the job these little fish do in a day or two.
I've been checking out these pleco's. I think I might get one. I do have two others. A Whiptail and a Candystriped pleco. Do you think they would do alright with a Bushynose? Thanks for the info.
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A more active, but rarer algae eater is the SAE, one of the few that will consume BBA and other thread algae. Ive heard of plecos eating plants with broad leaves, which is why i was always afraif of getting any kind fo pleco and always stuck to otos and 1 SAE for my tanks. Anyone know much anything about plecos eating plants?
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I'm not sure about certain Pleco species but I did find a website thats all about Plecos called:
PlanetCatfish • the online home of aquarium catfishes
Maybe someone their can help you.They have a help area on the top of the page. I think that it is free to join like this forum. I have some live plants in my tank and the lady that I got the Plecos from has a planted tank. The only plant that was chewed up was a plant that was over 17" tall and had slender narrow leaves I do not know what kind of plant it was. All my other plants are fine. She gave me some advice and told me that I must not be feeding them enough to put some algae waffers in at night. She has some problems sometimes with her Plecos uprooting some of her plants. I solved that problem by putting a rock over the root ball of the plants.

I would think that since you have 2 other Plecos they should be algae eating machines also. But if your tank is large It might take more to clean it. I have a 55. gal. tank and 2 Bushy nosed Plecos which took only 2 days to clear the algae from my glass and decoration. I do not clean the tanks glass in the back and sides so the Plecos have algae to eat. I only clean in the front of the galss.

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