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Originally Posted by llaustin
Gotta get a Python.. Hooks right to your sink, sucks the dirty water out.
Quadruple Ditto!!!

I attach mine to an outside garden hose and use the discharge to water the plants in my back yard.

Originally Posted by llaustin
... fills it back up put declorinator in while filling.
I remove water from the 2nd chamber of my wet/dry sump.

I replace water with RO which is plumbed into the 2nd chamber of my wet/dry sump.

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For my 75 gallon I use a 25 foot python, with a 25 foot craftsman rubber hose was only 7 bucks compared to about triple that for the python brand extension. I put the fill/drain attatchment on my sub-sink in my utility room, it's a nice big sink that's somewhat low so it helps with the suction. I crank on the water, suck and clean about 1/4 of my gravel and 10-20% water weekly. Then to fill it up I make sure all the water it sucked out of both hoses...then I adjust the water temperature to around 70 (coldwater tank), and turn the knob to the fill setting. As the water is filling, that's when I add the dechlorinator. After my tank is all set, I wrap up both hoses, making sure to drian the water from them.

For my 10 gallon, I don't bother with the python. I change about a gallon of water every week. I have a gallon container that I submerge slightly and fill it up halfway, and simply do this twice. To fill I use an old plastic milk bottle that's exactly one gallon. I add the salt mix with a funnel, a little dechlorinator. Then I get the water to about 75-77 and fill the bottle about 1/4 way up, shake it to mix the salt and dechlorinator, fill it half way, then shake again, and top it off and then pour in my 10 gallon.

Pretty simple processes which eliminate the use of heavy buckets and a potential mess.
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ok all, thanks for the info. looks like my water changes just got easier!

90gal: 2x Tangerine Discus, 2x Clown Pleco, 2x Catfish.
75gal + 10gal sump: 2x Large Goldfish, 1x Common Pleco, 14x Leopard Danios
55gal: 5x Angelfish, 1x Common Pleco, 8x SIlver Tip Tetras, 16x Neon Tetras, 8x Albino Corys
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