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wow very interseting about "the Bermuda triangle" of water chemistry, after reading all of that im going to just work with what i have as i dont see myself monitering everything every day as i do have a little one on the way and soon wont have the time = to mess with it on a daily basis. i could also experiment with 1/2 tap water and 1/2 r/o water in my "qt" tank" well see how it goes. thanks for the site too byron its bookmarked now :P
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when i got my oscars and jd, my water out of the tap was 8.0 -8.2ph and very hard (my africans loved it) and i too tried to get the parameters ideal for them. i went to the pond section of the lfs and got a bag of peat granules and some small mesh bags. to make a long story short, i had a little difficult time in keeping the ph at a more ideal stable condition and ended up loosing one of my tiger o's in the ph swing of the 4 weeks i tried doing this.
so now i try to stick with the adage: "Treat the fish, not the test kit."

i would not consider making changes to the water parameters if the fish are happy and healthy.

A STABLE PH is MUCH better than trying to create an optimum PH! keep that in mind! PH fluctuations cause stress on fish !!

unless these are wild-caught specimens they are likely perfectly happy with your water. keep up with PWCs and don't worry about the PH. the fish were probably bred in water closer to yours, anyway.
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thanks for the info buzz i went and got a gh/kh test and it pretty much comes down to me either adding too many chems to mention to change the ph. which is a good thing i guess since my ph wont budge lol. ive just decided not to get any fish that are really sensitive, i mean i found discus that were captive bred in around 8.0 ph but everyone said on here ph isnt too big of a deal on fish short term, but in the long run itll cause illness stress and short life expectantcys. You are right though ist pretty much how you acclimate the fish to ur water.

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your welcome moneymitch...glad i could be of some help for you.
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