How do i clean my glass
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How do i clean my glass

This is a discussion on How do i clean my glass within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> hey guys, i have a tank and my glass is dirty, i use a sponge but its not doing anything at all, what can ...

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How do i clean my glass
Old 07-14-2010, 07:03 AM   #1
How do i clean my glass

hey guys, i have a tank and my glass is dirty, i use a sponge but its not doing anything at all, what can i use to clean it without scratching my glass??
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Hey, i use these magnetic cleaners, u use one on the outside of the tank, its softer so it wont harm the glass and u put the other in the tank which acts as a scrourer type scruber, and they magnetise together allowing you to move the inside one while on the outside :D, well thats what i do anyway. you might be able to pick those up at your LFS? cant remember how much they cost me, but yea, very convenient and easy to use.

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Assuming you mean the inside glass, I use an aquarium sponge on a stick; it has a soft (yellow) side and a tougher (blue) side. As long as you don't happen to picjk up a piece of sand or gravel, it will not scratch the glass and it is effective for most algae except the green dot. For this I use a scraper on a stick, it takes of bit of work but it will scrape off the dot algae. Somtimes I use this along the gravel line to remove the scum that can start to build there where the sponge doesn't reach.

Be careful to always use a scraper moving against the full width of the blade, never sid to side which can scratch.

If your water is hard and the calcium (white) mineral deposit occurs near the surface, quick removal every week works to keep this in check, and if it does build up a bit, vinegar with a sponge or paper towel or even a scraper can be effective.
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I use a sharp razorblade. So long as you work fairly slowly and methodically, it gets the glass perfectly clean without scratching it.
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