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From HOB to Wet/Dry Sump how to make the change?

Despite my post about a week ago entitled to sump or not to sump, I broke down and purchased an Eshopp's wet/dry sump system with a mag drive submersible pump. I couldn't pass up the awesome price. Now here's my concern. I have a Marineland Emperor 280 hang on back filter (HOB) and need to set up my new wet/dry system. How do I ensure I maintain the bio-load and keep everything healthy with the change-over? Do I setup the new system to run side by side the old system and allow them to run for a few weeks? Or do I put the filter caertridge and biowheel into the sump and let them float around so they maintain contact in the water? I am lost please help! As always, thank you guys so much for your advice
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either way you decide to do it will work. just curious to how big the sump is and how many chambers and the price??? FYI: most of your beneficial bac is in ur tank not your filter
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I purchased the Eshopps brand from "the doctors" and it was on sale for $133 ish plus tax I think. It came with EVERYTHING including the hoses both input and output, overflow box, bio balls, egg crate all in a two chamber acrylic case. The overflow box even has two chambers and the part that hangs in the tank is a nice black acrylic. It came with everything but a pump. After looking over everything I am impressed. I cant wait to get it up and running. By the way it is the smallest version with a flow rate of 300 gph I believe. My tank is a 36 gallon bowfront and the stand I built is just big enough to fit the recommended filter by Eshopps. Unfortunately the pump I ordered, a mag drive rated at 700 gph I believe, wont be here till next week. Can't wait to get it up and running though.

Any other input on the process in volved in the switch over?
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do you know how to start your siphon for you overflow? and if you have a gurgeling problem coming from your overflowbox let me know i got a few tricks to completely stop that. and just so your aware you dont ever want to restrict the flow from your overflow into your sump there is no need. you may however want to get a release valve on your pump though since its flow is greater than your overflow and since its bad to restrict the flow of your pump it drasticly reduces the life of your pump. Money
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Money, I read how to start the siphon. I wouldn't restrict the overflow in anyway. As far as shortening the pumps life I read as long as you put the flow/control valve AFTER the pump it is ok just not before as it needs water to cool...

Any other comments or concenrs or info on switching over from anyone else...Money thankfully has helped...anyone else so I can feel more comfortable about my decision?
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I would run em both for four weeks and then if you like ,remove the Emperor and place it on the new tank that you will absolutely have to have.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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