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Current shouldn't be an issue... Mainly HOB encourages CO2 to gas out of the water, which is not normally wanted. I dislike HOBs a lot. Current though I've never thought of them producing all that much. I have a lot of current in most of my planted tanks. I'm not picky what media goes into my filters as long as its cheap and works.

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Originally Posted by zfarsh View Post
Hi there, I dont know if i should have put this in Planted thread or here, as it deals with Fish and Plants, or can i put this thread in both places, but here goes nothing:

My setup would be low tech lighting (shop lights) in a 75G tank with a Eheim 2217 as primary filter, and either an eheim 2215 or preferably an Aquaclean HOB 110 (or maybe a bit smaller). I will try to do medium to heavy planted, with low light plants (max medium light), such as hornworth, anubias, java moss, vals etc... (compatible with the fish bellow), playsand substrate

Why two filters, and specially the HOB as second? Because i will have very messy fish, ie: 6 fancy (slow) Goldfish, 2 Bristlenose Plecos, and either 3 dojos or 12 white cloud minnows or 6-8 fancy guppies. I have been told in forums this is not yet overstocked, specially if i do weekly 50% water changes. I may not get this many fish, but i want to plan for it in case this is reached. I may put smaller fish in a 10g tank eventually too..

Why my concern of the HOB, aquaclear 110? Because it puts alot of bubbles in the water, thus removing alot of CO2. (this is what i have read anyways.) I will add the general liquid fertilizers (not the one that has only CO2). My fish will be more important than the plants, but still, i care for both. Right now i have a small 10g with aquaclear 20, and without fertilizer, hornworth seems to be growing very well, and so is the java moss, but not the anubias does look as it is doing too well (maybe needs fertilizer). Instead of the HOB, i may be able to get a smaller size used canister for like 70$, so this is an option as well.

Pls let me know your thoughts on the HOB as secondary filter, or if it is even necessary, for the fish load mentioned?
HOB filter could work so long as you keep the water level high enough that the water returning to the tank does not create water fall effect.
I should think goldfish would enjoy snacking on live plant's but perhaps large sword plant's,anubia,and java fern would survive.
You may wish to try the one Eheim 2217 for a while and see how things go.Too much current would not be appreciated by slow waddling goldfish, and perhaps with monthly cleaning,,the one eheim will be all that is needed for the tank.

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Just throwing in my 2 cents...

My 15g is planted and currently have 2 HOBs on it (TopFin 20 & Tetra Whisper 10i)... the plants use to be in 2 other tanks, 2 of them from my 29g which has 2 HOBs on it (AquaClear 50 & Marineland Penguin 150b)... I have crypt wendtii and pennywort... I have had them do nothing but flurish in my tanks (even before putting them in the 15g with sand substrate). The current doesnt seem to bother them...and the ones that were in the 29g also had a bubbler in the tank.

I like my plants low management... I make sure they have light and weekly ferts...I must be doing something right as my newest pennywort is growing massively and is probably going to outgrow the tank before long...and my crypts have new sprouts and are just beautiful!

I think if its low mgmt plants then an HOB isnt a big deal.

Just my thoughts. Good Luck either way.

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thanks for that link ;)
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Np it works great, Ive used it in my betta tank for years.
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Originally Posted by Grimmjow View Post
"Gump, you must be a dad gum genius" - lol

Seriously, this works really well and on my mine, the light top holds it in place very well. The only thing is that the flow force is transferred sideways instead of straight across the top. I think I'll try one with holes (soldering iron) to let small amounts disperse... it's an empty water bottle - experimentation is free.

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