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high PH

Hi folks. Having a problem controlling the PH in my cold water tank. Please help. I have a 60 litre tank with tetratec easy crystal filter. It is a recent purchase and the filter came with the tank. I have placed gravel in the bottom and 5 natural plants. Soon after placing in the fish (five days after set up) they developed white spot and started to die and 4 of the six have died. I bought a test kit to find out what the problem was and found the PH to be high. I did a partial water change and every 24hours added a small amount of PH Down. However each day when I retest the PH has gone back up and is approx 7.6. I have been treating the water with whitespot treatment and have had to remove the charcoal from the filter for that reason. There are no chemicals used in the room to effect the water. I do not know where to look next.
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You would be well served by googling ..How to cycle new aquarium. Many people keep fish at the PH you posted. I would read all I could find on starting up new aquarium.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Why are you trying to lower it? Unless you are keeping very sensitive fish, a pH of 7.6 is fine. Most tank-raised fish can easily adapt to this pH. Using chemicals to mess with the pH can cause your pH to swing wildly, which is much more dangerous to your fish than an above-neutral pH.

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Batman's right, 7.6 should work for most fish. It's probably the pH of your tap water, did you check that? Pretty much no water comes out of the tap at 7.0, mine is close to 9!
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Not cycling and establishing a new tank was the biggest mistake I made six months ago when I started my new hobby. After reading up on this forum and other info, and of course, after all my new fish died, I ran the tank for two weeks with no fish just to let it grow the bacteria and stabilize the environment.
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I think your tank not being cycled might have done your fish in. While fish in cycling is doable it requires daily monitoring of your water paramters and regular water changes to keep the ammonia levels down to acceptable levels. Most likely your fish succumbed to ammonia poisoning. What type of fish were they? The white spot is probably a secondary symptom, with the ammonia poisoning they were stressed and not as reslient.

Use the test kit and test for your ammonia. Anything over 0.5ppm necessitates an immediate 50% water change. Same thing for nitrites.

Do you use a tap water conditioner?

Do you have a heater for the tank?

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