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High ammonia levels

This is a discussion on High ammonia levels within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by Cassandra90 Bryon, I tested my water in the buckets that I have been letting sit out for 24 hours. The ammonia ...

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Originally Posted by Cassandra90 View Post
I tested my water in the buckets that I have been letting sit out for 24 hours. The ammonia reads 00ppm for them, and the Ph is 7ppm.
Then I tested my tank again and the Ph has gone down to 6.5ppm and the ammonia levels went down a tad bit, to about 7ppm.
The pH is fine, the ammonia I still donot fathom.

The pH in an aquarium will normally lower as the water acidifies due to the natural processes. The hardnes sof the source water determines how fast this will occur. You can find out the hardness from your water supply people; that will tell us what to expect.

Good news is that with an acidic pH the ammonia will not hurt the fish. But that still doesn't explain where it is coming from. I wonder if it is in the ich medication? No idea, just a thought.

Are you using any plant fertilizer, and if so, which? They might contain nitrogen, ammonia is one form of nitrogen.
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I am using API Leaf Zone when I remember to add it to the tank. And the ich medication I am using is called Ich Attack all herbal.
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The Leaf Zone according to API's website contains iron and potassium, so unlikeloy to be the culprit, though it may cause reactions [more in a moment on this]. I wuld suggest changing to Seachem's Flourish Comprehensive when the LZ is gone, as there is a lot missing.

In another similar thread yesterday, Mikaila mentioned the reaction of various substances like water conditioner and test kit regents causing false readings in ammonia. That thread also had ammonia at 8. Might want to read through that thread, here it is:

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So even though many are not fans of the test strips. Might this be a situation that a different testing method might be useful to find out if it is a false positive? Or do the majority of test kits for ammonia use the same chemicals?

It could be a combination of the fertilizer and the Naphthoquinone in the ich medicine.
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