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you probably would have done better using pure ammonia vs fish food. imo its easier to measure when adding to the tank. its cheaper and you don't waste food that can be given to the livestock. but i know some people do take the route that you take and that is by choice just as mine was to use liquid ammonia.
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Originally Posted by 1077 View Post
Well, were it me,, I would be sorely tempted to hold off on changing substrtate but you have to make your own call. I would remind you that the addition of the fish to the five gal could cause ammonia spike there as well. Must always remember,, cycling never really reaches a point where it is complete. The bacteria grows and decreases with available food source. This is why many have problems after the tank has cycled. Too many fish added too soon, for bacteria to adjust to waste produced by the sudden addition of numerous fish or fish that are large waste producers.
While the fish are in the five gal. should you decide to continue with changing substrates, I might feed them sparingly maybe once every other day.They won't starve and this will help keep ammonia levels in the five gal to a minimum. I would get everything ready so that you can make the switch quickly and fish won't be uncomfortable any longer than necessary. Hope it works out.
Yeah I definitely put myself in a 'damned if you do damned if you don't' kind of situation here I want to switch substrate mainly because I want Emperor or Diamond Tetras and I stupidly chose white substrate before knowing which fish I wanted to put in the tank. I guess I will just grab a cuppa here and there for a looong while and use very fine black sand that will easily cover the white even when vaccumed. The Tetras will survive a little white.
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Perhaps you could put filter material over the filter intake while working with the gravel to catch as much of the gunk as possible. And vacuum the suface of the substrate after the rest settles out.
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GAAH after a few days of 30% water changes the ammonia has finally come down to 0, then I tested 3 days later and it was up to 2 ppm! I didn,t even touch the substrate and the remaining fishes seems fine, no ammonia burns, no symptoms of ammonia poisoning. I did lose one cory last week to what looked like fungal infection (it killed him in less than 24 hours though, despite QT tank and treatment...) It's been over a week since my blunder, I don't get why the ammonia is not coming down. I think I may be overfeeding though, and I'd like to know, it is okay to stop feeding the fishes for 3-4 days to see if the ammonia will come down? I'm at loss here. My ammonia test could be faulty but it's about 8 months-old and has never been like that!
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OK I think I found the problem, seems like the gunk had accumulated at the bottom of the canister filter. I cleaned it, we'll see what happens *keeps fingers crossed*
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