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Alright, Im gonna make me some hiding spot/caves for my fish out of some sweet rocks that I was given. Now my ? is, Do fish care if I were to make a nice cave and the back side of it was against the glass or do I need to make it a solid cave so they can totally hide in it. Just don't know what they really like and would like some help before I start building! The fish that will one day be in my tank.....Danoios, Tetras, Rams, Gouramis, and poss rainobow a two. Thanks!
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the tetras won't use the caves nor will the gourami,if the caves are to be at the back of the aquarium,like on the back glass then i wouldn't worry
about putting a back on the cave,if it's to be in the open then yeah
pop a back on it.
happy building. :)
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Willow Thanks again for the help!

Now a second thought, What about if I put it in a corner, would they deal ok with that?! It would be on the back and one side that doesn't have much activity on it
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don't see why not,if you ever wanted to give a little more security
at a later time and don't want to disturb the cave,plop a plant
next to it,that's what i do from time to time.
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