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hi. i am new here . nd some help in sand filter

hi.i am new here. i bought coral stones for my fresh water aquarium. My aquarium curently has catfish for my project.

So my question is if coral stone really unsuitable for freshwater? If not, izzit feasible if i mix the coral stone and freshwater stone together so as to prevent the high increase of pH? or is dere any better solutions beside throwing the coral stone aside.

any advice will be much appreciated.
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im not familiar with "coral stone"
assuming you mean "crushed coral" there will be an increase in pH

i personally would use sand if you are housing catfish as it seems to be safer on their barbells.

what kind of catfish anyway? generally speaking most catfish get HUGE.
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Some catfish can definitely handle hard water. Many species of synodontis, for example, live in the very hard, alkaline waters of the African rift lakes, so they wouldn't mind these conditions. However, crushed coral is very sharp on the edges and would be rough on the barbels of just about any catfish, so sand would probably be a better option.

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thxs for the comment =]
i not too such about the type of catfish cause i just started breeding =x
i was wondering if mixing higher percentage of sand and lower percentage of coral sand will prevent the increasing pH, or cause harm to fishes.
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Nope, sand is inert and coral will raise pH. In order for it to balance out the sand would need to have pH lowering properties. I would use sand. It is nicer on their barbels and not mess with your water chemistry.

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