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Okay so for sure betta!! And I always wanted to see a healthy, active betta :) And I already have a small heater, to small filters idk what they're called but ones at the top like a waterfall filter type thing, and one that's underwater, and I have some decor like little fake bridges and some like roman pillar things and some fake plants and also what are some kool betta breeds? And where to buy them? Because I refuse to buy them at petsmart! :p

And stock list is:
1 betta
Trio of platties
Trio of African dwarf frogs
5 ghost shrimp
Anything else that can or should be added?
Thanks for help!!
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Here is a thread called: Meet the Betta Keepers. Bet they post lots of pics in here for you to see.

Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert
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Dont bother with the shrimp, very small chance of them surviving. A pleco is too big for that tank.

The betta may or may not tolerate the frogs and platties. I tried to put 2 platties in with my betta at one point. The betta smashed the head of one of them into the glass repeatedly, didn't seem to mind the other one at all though.. I took it out anyhow.
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My apologies for messing up the list... or rather not paying attention. Some of us members have so much stuff in our signaute lines that I didn't read that as an acutal list you were compiling for this tank. Now that I have had a "proper" look at the list...

I would do 2-3 Otos instead of the Pleco. They are quite small and tremendous little algae eaters... so once you have some algae you can add them. They are very cute too. I don't know any of the small breeds of Plecos but do know the common gets up to 24 inches. Cory's are bottom feeders and not algae eaters but again need at least a group of 3. Platy's often come home from the LFS already pregnant.... got room for that?

Take some more time to sort out this list. Which on the list is the most important fish you wanted. Are you prepared for babies? Is this tank up and running and cycled already and is this the only tank in the house? You can still do the Betta by itself.

Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert
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not sure if this is still runing but i thought id post still ..i have a hexagon 27lt with beta's in atmo (micro beta tank Siamese Fighting Fish - 27 gallon Freshwater fish tank) some here say its over stocked but they have been in for a week now and all seem ok even the poorly 1 i bought out of sympathy is growing its tail fin back .. the key iv been told from lf's (local fish supplier ) is 75%cover and 25% open space so iv planted mine with mixed plants to give them some hiding places and left 3-4inch above the plants open water and 2 of the front panels are planted up with lower and less dence plants like small grasses this gives not only me a responsible viewing side it seems to be a nice sized community area and feeding ground .. hope the photo's give u some idea's
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