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Hets and Angels + Mystery Deaths + Help!!!

I have been discussing my tank issues with Byron and he suggested I post my problem here to get some additional opinions on the situation. Here it goes:

I have a 75g freshwater tank that has been running for two months. I currently have 7 Koi Angelfish, 14 Rasbora Hets, a bushy-nosed Plecco, and 6 Japonica shrimp. I have tested my water weekly since the tanks inception and have never had nitrite or ammonia readings over 0 ppm. Recently, my fish have not been doing well. I have lost four Rasbora Hets in the last week and now one of my Angels looks very lethargic and has confined himself to one corner of the tank. I see no signs of parasites (no bulging or rubbing against rocks). As I told Byron, my water is very hard (300ppm, PH 8, Alkalinity 80 ppm). This is probably out of the recommended range for Angels and Hets but these fish have all been born and bread locally in similar water conditions. There is lava rock in the tank, two HOB filters, and no plants yet except for some moss balls. Temperature has been steady at 78F.

The fish have been in the tank since it began cycling which lead Byron to suggest that either they suffered ammonia or nitrite spikes early on and are just now showing the effects or the water hardness is starting to stress the fish out.

Can anybody provide further insight or does anybody have other opinions? Obviously I do not want to lose my Angels as they are very beautiful fish. Thank you very much.
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For those of us thinking in degrees of hardness that's 17 and pH 8...Now generally Angels pref something like Hardness no more then 5 and pH of ~6...You say they been bread locally - That sound good at first BUT are you certain this breeder has not used a mix of tap & RO water to breed them?

I personally find this water too hard to believe the Angels are healthy and not stressing out long term.

I also have to say for Angels I'd house them in a DENSELY planted tank, do you have any intentions of changing this?

Really the only thing you can do, which will be hard cause your fish are in the tank already. Is start mixing in RO water slowlyyyyyyyy very slowly to not stress them ever further!
That said even once this is done, you'd have to have the EXACT mixture of tap-RO EVERY SINGLE w/c to hit the exact same hardness & pH that's in the tank.
I would def NOT recommend using chemicals that are on the market, these make it fluctuate way too much way too quick and almost guarantees to kill fish that are apparently already very stressed out.

So really what do YOU want - Trade fish for others? Keep these at any cost & effort involved??

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I am planning to heavily plant the tank. What is RO water? It seems like I really have no option but to get fish that can tolerate super-hard water.

Another thing to consider and I don't know if this will make a difference is that I just got an electronic C02 system for my tank. With this system you can electronically set the PH and according to reviews it will not deviate from the number you set it. Would gradually lowering the PH help the situation at all or would it be meaningless since the water is so hard?
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RO is reversed osmosis water, you know the purified water jugs you see at the stores - That. Pretty much filtered water that has no hardness and low ph.

Yes indeed CO2 will lower your PH, CO2 will also be good for a heavy planted tank.
That said I have no idea exactly how much CO2 it would need to lower the ph to a range that's tolerable for the fish cause there again if you have WAY too much CO2 in the tank then that's also not good for your fish any more. That's something I'd start slowly and keep testing the waters and see how the fish react. And def research online how much CO2 content in the tank is good for fish.

I'd see where the CO2 takes you to first. If that doesn't work, then personally I'd take the fish and either sell them or exchange them or whatever and start a cichlid tank.

~ Life Is Too Short, Break The Rules, Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly, Love Truly, Laugh Uncontrollably And Never Regret Anything that Made You Smile.
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