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Thank you, I thought may be the tank was to cool for the benificial bacteria to out compete the bad.

I also was wondering if may be changing the substraight might help keep the green out. Thanks for clearing that up.
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ah the dreadful single cell algea. all every ones telling you to do is what worked for me . HOWEVER take your water source into consideration if your municipality adds phosphorus you have to add phosguard to your filter media. basics dont feed your algea .rinse frozen foods with tank water they are loaded with sicilates-algea food. i had algea bloom so bad it killed 2 mothering swords all i did was use phosgaurd,rinsed my food and since i have a planted tank i use an acid buffer to adjust ihe ph neutral powders use a phosphorus buffer so steer clear if thats what your using.if you switch up to acid buffers and add phosgaurd remember phosgaurd sucks up the powder buffer that keeps your ph stable so be prepafed to do both at sleepy i hope this isnt too much good night.
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Good point about the phosphorous. They sell phosphorous test kits, but at $10 or so I wouldn't spend the money. Instead, just find a LFS that will test it for you. One tap water test should be enough to tell you whether or not you've got tons of phosphates in your tap water.

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Well, I took the black plastic off after a 4 day black out.

The tank is still green. I haven't checked the phosphates yet, but will try to get that done tomorrow.

I have ordered a live culture of Daphnia hopefully they will help before they become tank food?
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Green water algae is not a problem for fish. It is even recommended as a first step for large scale breeders to first get the ponds green and then put the breeding fish in. The down side is the things people do to try to control green water. The blackout will kill off many of the individual algae but that means the dead algae become a rotting bioload. Always do a big water change to go with a blackout so that there will not be as much algae in the water when it starts. When the blackout is complete, another large water change is in order to remove the dead algae. There is no problem at all doing 50% water changes in any tank that is well maintained. The water just needs to be temperature matched and dechlorinated.
As Cathy said, daphnia use green water as food so they will eat the green water. The daphnia will not be a complete solution because as they clear the water, the fish will see them and eat them. I keep my daphnia separate from the fish so that I can have them survive to reproduce and make more fish food. Meanwhile, I try to feed mine some green water once in a while because they do so well using it as food. I just can't seem to culture enough green water to feed them so I end up using other feeding methods.
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