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Help! Unexpected baby fry

Iv'e got 5 zebra danios and what I thought were 4 male platies, have had the platies for a couple a months. Did a water change this morning and was moving some plant decorations and noticed some fry started to scurry. Not sure how many have survived and not sure what to do as far as aiding there survival as I thought a had all males to avoid this. I have all artificial plants in my 55 gallon tank and there seems as if there is enough hiding spaces for them,but how do they eat? Just not sure what to do at this point. Any suggestions
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Nearly all female live bearers we buy come with a 'payload'.
So, you need to decide if you want to raise them or just let nature take it's course.
If you had a heavily planted tank, they might have a chance, but at this stage they are swimming food and the odds are against them and food is somewhat limited and they dare not come out and complete with the big fish!

I recently launched a rescue and placed 7 fry in a mesh breeding basket where I can feed them several times a day until they at least get large enough to fend for themselves without being eaten.

Although there are 'special' foods for fry (Hikari First Bites comes to mind) any good quality prepared flake food works fine. Just put some in a plastic sandwich bag and kneed with thumb and forefinger until the flakes are almost a powder. Feed several times a day.
You can also supplement feed with baby brine shrimp. I think you can get a package of frozen baby brine shrimp at many LFS's for about $5.

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Originally Posted by AbbeysDad View Post
Nearly all female live bearers we buy come with a 'payload'.
haha, yep, sooo very true =)

Livebearers are like rabbits ... or mice ... their numbers can literally explode in no time. If you WANT them to survive, you can get a breeding basket like mentioned. Otherwise, let nature take its course. You can try to sex the fish, find out which is the female, then see if you can exchange or give to a friend.
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Another alternative is set up a small tank transfer them to. Thats if you want to keep them .trade or sell. If so.. getting a plastic nest and some floating(live) plants will help keep the strong ones survive then you can move them or let nature take over.
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