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Looks like a standard 55g.

You've also got yourself some undergravel filter plates, so you've got some thinking to do there.

1) You'll need to get rid of them and use other means of filtration if you're going to use sand or any other small substrate.
2) If you use gravel, you can get some lift tubes, air stones, and air pumps to create a standard air-driven undergravel filter. The stones go at the bottoms of the tubes and the air bubbles rise up the tubes. This creates a current of water down through the gravel and under the plastic plates and up the tubes. This allows more bacteria to colonize your gravel, creating some fairly efficient biological filtration.
3) Get yourself some powerheads with reverse flow. Put them at the top of the lift tubes. This will pull water down through the tubes, under the plates and up through the gravel. The advantage here is that you have a higher flow rate through the gravel than with air stones, but also because the water comes *up* through the gravel, it prevents waste and debris from settling in the gravel. Combined with another filter such as a canister or hang-on-back power filter (or both, even) reverse flow UGF's make for some really heavy-duty filtration if you plan on heavily stocking this tank.

As for hoods/canopies:
1) Get a standard glass canopy and buy some aquarium lighting. The lighting you buy will be largely dependent on what kind of plants you want in the tank (if any).
2) Buy or build a wooden canopy. This would allow you to install much cheaper lighting by just getting some shop lights from Home Depot and getting appropriate bulbs.

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It looks like my ODell 45 right down to the glass center brace but is slightly taller. I would guess it is an ODell 55. They made their tanks in both sizes and only varied the height.
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