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Help with a tank ID

I picked up a tank from a FreeCycle group and am going to be setting it up soon. I had fish about 20 years ago and I have always wanted another tank. We finally have a house big enough for a good tank and a wall just begging for a fish tank.

However, there was no hood and no covers on the tank. I was at the lfs yesterday and looking to see what they have there. (Dallas North Aquarium for you North Texas readers) When I went to ask him about the hoods and covers he was at a loss on what I could use. He said that each tank is different and they will not always work from one tank to another. I have no idea who the tank manufacture is.

So, I am here in hopes that someone can identify this tank. I was not planning on posting a photo since it is just an empty tank. What I do have is a good discription and measurements. It's a glass tank with a black frame around the top and bottom of the tank. The top of the tank measures 48.5" X 13" at the outside of the frame. It is 19.25" from the bottom of the frame to the top pf the top frame. The sales guy at the lfs thinks it might be an older tank. In the middle of the top is a 10" wide sheet of glass as a supprt to keep the from and back from bowing. (He thinks it an old tank because it's glass and not plastic.) The glass is 18.25" from the inside edge of each side of the tank.

I know it's a slim chance that someone can identify it just with that but I am not sure if a photo will do any better. (Plus I am running late for a photo session so I don't have the time to take the shot and upload the photo

Tim Sapp
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Might want to check out They have a good selection of glass canopies and hoods. Some are universal designs with sizes stated. May find something that will work.
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Sounds either like a 55 or a 75G. I am a bit confused by how you explained it though.

55G are 48" long x 12-13" deep x 21" tall
75G are 48" long x 18" deep x 21" tall

A pic would help.
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Your measurements convert to 52 gallons so it is probably a 50 gallon. I did a quick browse of and couldn't find anything that matched those exact measurements. I am sure that if you did a thorough search on the internet, you could find a hood that fit well. If not, you can alway get acrylic panels from your local hardware store and cut them to fit. Then add on a raised lighting fixture.

On a side note.... I thought most new aquariums were glass? That is what I see in my local shops, and my tank is only 2 months old and I thought it was glass, since acrylic usually comes with all the sides molded into one piece? I could be way off here.

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I think plastic tanks are the new rave, but they are still making lots of new aquariums from glass. Glass is better in my opinion, dont scratch as easy!
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The glass he was talking about was the support across the middle of the top. Everything in the store had a plastic support from front to back but this one has a glass one.

I am back from my photo shoot so I am getting a few photos to upload.

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OK, Here are a couple photos of the tank as it sits. I have to clean the tank a bit more because the previous owner did not clean the tank before I picked it up. There was quite a bit of calcium on the edges of the tank and on the filter. I made the mistake of doing the first cleaning with soap and water and have to do a cleaning with some bleach or vinegar.

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Did you take your measurements on the glass or on the frame at the top? Either way your measurements are close enough on the top to make me think that equipment will fit. Check to see if your LFS will let you return equipment. If they will then buy yourself a 55 gallon top and see if it fits, I bet it will.

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I took the measurements of the outside of the frame on the top. The lip on the inside of the top frame are 48" X 11.75".

I will hit the lfs here in the area today and see if they will let me return the stuff if it does not fit.

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Looks like a 55 gallon to me. My 55 which I bought new 15 months ago also has the glass support piece.

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