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What is funny is how these things just keep cropping up. I look and look and see NONE on the gravel or anywhere else. There are NO hiding spots in this tank anymore and yet all of a sudden there will be 2 of them hanging on the glass. I am shocked each time and wonder where they were hiding when I was searching the tank over. Sassy snails.

Thanks Cpt, I will keep it in mind but Yes, I would prefer to keep it natural and NOT add any chemicals of any kind. We shall see.
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In a strange turn of events the snail issue is becoming less and less in the large tank. I don't think I had quite the break out there as I had in the small tank but I was afraid to move any of the wood because that is how I found the hundreds of snails in the small tank.

Anyhow, there were always a handful on the glass and a dozen or so each morning on the Pennywort and I could see a few dozen on the gravel at the bottom so I figured there were quite a few. I have been doing daily snail remover from the floating pennywort but leaving the others alone. As of late, I have noted that there are quite a few empty shells at the bottom and I am not seeing nearly as many at the bottom, on the glass or even on the Pennywort in the morning. I guess someone has found them to be edible and has mastered their hunting skills. Who do you think the likely culprit is? Opaline Gourami, Rainbow Shark, Tiger Barbs, Corie's, Platies?
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I just got 4 Assassins. They are quite small so I wasn't sure if I should dump them all into my small tank or put 2 in each tank. I chose the 2 in each tank. They must have been hungry because within 5 minutes each of them had their own Ramshorn snail. I suspect at this rate, they will be quite successful. I mean, unless they only eat once a week or so.

I was considering a few dwarf loaches but the store I was at didn't have any little ones. My tank is not big enough for the larger species. It will be interesting to see if there is a difference in the numbers in the next few weeks.
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