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Regrettably, this is one of the most difficult to eradicate species. It is unlikely you will get rid of t hem entirely. Short if a complete restart and being sure to have some snail eating fish right away in the new set up, you will always have some of these snails around. Though you can probably live with having a few and not an all out infestation.
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Originally Posted by Inga View Post
How do you guys weigh down the cucumbers?

Why do I want to get rid of the Ramshorns? Because they literally ATE a heavily planted tank in no tiime at all. They destroyed my beautifully planted tank, they were uninvited and they took over. I am NOT loving them at this point. I truly do want them ALL gone. I am giving serious thought to taking down the entire tank.
Were it me,,I might consider taking the filter and heater from the tank and placing them along with the fish,in a plastic tub. Tear down the tank, boil or replace the substrate, scrub the tank walls (no detergent's) and then return the fish, filter,and heater to the newly scrubbed aquarium.

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Have you tried assassin snails? I've never had them but my LFS swears by them. They keep them in their plant holding tanks and they seem to do a good job because there's never a single snail on their plants.
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Inga- Did you toss out the idea of Yasuhikotakia sidthimunkis? They are such great llittle fish and I can tell you based on my experience in keeping them you will never see another snail again. I know they are pricey but if you hate these snails that much they would be worth every penny you spent on getting a small group of five. Too bad you don't live close by, I'd let you borrow a few of mine, or a few of my yoyos or clowns for a few days. The only tank I don't keep loaches in are my shrimp tanks, and those shrimp tanks are riddled with little ramshorn snails, yuck.

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Everyone has great suggestions. This is where I am on the snail front. I still find little ones on the glass each morning. I backed off of the daily clean and within a few days, the numbers were increasing again. NOT like they were by any means but if only a few days makes that difference, then I can't imagine if I drop to once a week. I don't know if I managed to get some mutant variety or just extremely prolific snails. These things must be mating like it is going out of style.

I was going to get some Assassins from the LFS but I am putting it off because I am honestly afraid I would be trading one type of snail for another. I don't want ANY snails in there, other then my few original Mystery snails. I still like them.

I am not against the loaches either but it would have to be sort of a rental type situation since I do not have a tank large enough to house them long term. I don't want them in my 60 gallon for fear of them hurting my Rainbow shark or the Cories that are now in there. I think I will talk to the LFS guy and see if he will rent me a few loaches. ha ha

I am sure they must have come in on the plants even though I rinsed them well. I have not added anything else to the tank so... that is really the only possibility.

Kymmie I wish you were closer, I would take you up on the offer to borrow your loaches. :) Maybe I need a vacation in Sunny California. ha ha
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Inga I read through most of this and have a few words to put in myself.

I have had my 20 gallon tank for a few years now. Ever since my first plant I have had ramshorn snails. I probably have 30-50 snails but they are most of the time hidden in my mass amounts of java moss. Since they appeared I haven't had to clean my glass once, and they tend to only eat decaying plant matter. Now I keep them because I have never had luck with mystery snails and they do a good job IMHO. Also when they grow bigger I think they are really cool looking. But that's me.

Now I would also suggest an assassin snail. You can buy it and once your problem is gone either bring it back or give it to another fish keeper in need.

Loaches are cool to but same deal for your tank. You would probably have to return them(I think).

I also don't recommend using chemicals to kill them. I hate using chemicals and think a good tank should be natural.

Just my 2 cents


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Hi, getting some clown loaches would be a good idea. I've heard they love snails and wont stop eatting them until they are all eaten up. I'm actucally looking to get some ramshorn snails to breed for my puffers, I've never heard of them eatting live plants, which kinda worries me about adding them to my tank. O.O
I'm really sorry that they ate up your planted aquarium. That really sucks.
You could try selling the snails on ebay if you want to try to make a little money. I've actucally bought some on ebay before. They can be sent out of water.
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Originally Posted by HOLLY027 View Post
Hi, getting some clown loaches would be a good idea.
Inga's tank is too small for Clowns. The only loach that would be doable is the dwarf chain and they are voracious snail eaters. What to do...I like the rent-a-loach idea, lol.

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You must have a seriously bad problem! I thought i hade loads.. I ahve more mts but i like them they do a good job going through the substrate. I would get a few assasins.. I might by 1 or 2 just to keep the4 numbers down a bit.. And like the otheres said you could just give them away after..

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I know, this isn't the topic to preach such heresy... but Ramshorn snails don't eat healthy plants.

On the other hand, mystery snails and apple snails do (sometimes).

I've had full on outbreaks of ramshorns and pond snails... They never ate any of my plants. (minus a couple leaves on the banana plant)

Very bizarre.

Also, with such a serious infestation, assassins aren't practical. They only eat 1 snail per day, each, and they breed unbelievably slowly. Also, I think they have trouble chasing down ramshorns. They prefer to eat all of your MTS.

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2


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