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Help please

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Help please

My fish tank has been doing fine since I got it at christmas. It's 38 gallons and holds a variety of non agressive tropical fish such as neon tetras and dwarf gouramis. But lately I've learned about cycling, co2, etc and I feel bad because I want to take my tank to the next level like many here have done. I currently test my water with strips(I'm getting liquid tester) and my water seems ok since only a copuple fish have died. I feel bad becuase I think my water is just a mess becuase I've used many chemicals and things to reduce nitrate/nitrate/up ph/ low ph/etc. I haven't let nature set its course... So I don't think it's ever cycled and I plan on getting a test kit and psting the results here and do the easiest things to get a natural solution and just set it in the right direction. Basically I just want responses on what I can do and simply put.

My other thing is about plants. I have a variety that are just messing up my tank and not doing any good. I am removing them and coming here for adivce. I just want to know exactly what I do to grown and plant this plant. Tell me if I need co2 or whatever, just keep it basic I guess. My substrate is gravel BTW. So I guess responses on a very easy plant how to plant/grow it/etc would be very helpful.

Thank you.
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Hi there tyler :)

Could you tell us exactly what you have in your tank fishwise? What chemicals exactly have you been adding and for what reason have you been adding them?

The first thing I think you should concentrate on at the moment is getting the water sorted out. Plenty of large water changes will help dilute the chemicals, and as soon as you get your liquid test kit please post readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

How many fish exactly have you lost, and when was that? What were the symptoms of the fish before you lost them if any?
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If you think your tank is not cycled, I would do daily or every other day water changes to try to keep the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate down.

It seems like you are getting the right idea on what you need to do. Get the liquid tests as soon as you can, the strips are unreliable.

As for plants, you don't really need CO2 unless you are looking at going heavily planted, the best thing to do is make sure you have the right lighting.

Lighting in very important for plants, for most plants you need at least 2 watts per gallon some plants are low light plants and can grow with less but the selection is limited and they will still do better with more light.

What kind of lighting do you have? Did you get your aquarium as a kit?
Most aquarium kits don't have adequate lighting for any plants.
(i.e. my 20g came with lighting that provided less than 1 watt per gallon so I upgraded to a 40W fixture)

hope the info helps :)
good luck with your tank!
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I would actually expect the tnak is cycled but the pH and other things are swinging up and down. If you do regular water changes and only add dechlorinator then you will eventually stabilize your tank as far as parameters.

Easy plants:
Java moss and fern

Your light levels will help to determine what plants to reccommend.
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